The court forced bitcoin trading platform Coinbase hand over user record

The court forced bitcoin trading platform Coinbase hand over user record

The IRS (IRS) going through legal means for bitcoin trading platform Coinbase hand over user transaction records.

It is reported that in November last year, the IRS has issued a summons to the Coinbase platform for the first time anonymous (JohnDoeSummons), request access to the bitcoin trading platform in the 2013-2015 years of user transaction records. But since then, Coinbase platform is trying to stop the transaction data IRS Coinbase users access to a customer at the same time, Geoffrey Coinbase also assist in the Coinbase platform to avoid the requirement of IRS.

According to public records show that in March 17th, the IRS has asked the federal court to force the bitcoin trading platform Coinbase submitted its user transaction records.

Anonymous summons (JohnDoeSummons) is different from the normal summons, it is often used in the IRS for specific taxpayer identity means, it allows the IRS to obtain all the taxpayer’s name. But a federal court summons anonymous need to obtain approval.

The IRS is anonymous summons issued in November last year when it has received federal support for the court, but so far no bitcoin trading platform Coinbase IRS to provide transaction data for any user. So IRS decided to the federal court for enforcement measures.

Coinbase told reporters on behalf of:

“Our legal team is checking the IRS request. We will continue to cooperate with the IRS to communicate the focus and scope of subpoena request. If you failed to achieve this goal, we expect in the next few months against the documents submitted to the court within. We will continue to provide the latest time for customers.”

As early as 2014, the IRS will bitcoin identified as taxable property. In order to avoid the taxpayers use bitcoin for tax evasion, since 2016 November, the IRS plans to find out from the bitcoin trading platform Coinbase to tax evasion of taxpayers list. This action of the IRS received federal court approval.

It is reported that in March 23rd a federal court will hold a hearing, judgment on this incident.

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