The currency inflation, 2017 of the five countries is expected to become the dark horse of bitcoin transactions

The currency inflation, 2017 of the five countries is expected to become the dark horse of bitcoin transactions

There are 14 countries inflation beyond the normal 18%. As of press time, the 10 national inflation rate continued to rise. Recently, the bank for special assistance and inflation crisis events led to the world economic turmoil, while the number of users and the price of bitcoin has experienced a number of rose.

Bitcoin hedge assets

2016 it can be said that the global economic turmoil of the year, and to 2017, due to the failure of monetary policy, this situation will be more serious.

In March 2013, the government of Cyprus to freeze the bank accounts of people who taxed, caused a public panic. The next few weeks, bitcoin prices soared five times. Maybe people have seen bitcoin in economic hedging and speculation advantage from.

Since then, the government has never stopped economic failures, from the Greek crisis, off the European referendum to Venezuela inflation, currency policy waste to India, each event is accompanied by a rapid growth in the price of bitcoin, as more and more investors are aware of the hedging function of encryption currency. Indeed, even the experts have a whoop and a holler in the mainstream media bitcoin hedging ability, they think that bitcoin function and gold is similar to or even better than gold.

According to the global economic index (TradingEconomics) data show that currently has 14 national inflation rate exceeds the normal standard of 18%. As of press time, the 10 national inflation rate continued to rise. In the 10 countries, by 2017 if the inflation rate is still high, which the people of the 5 countries economically and technically absolutely have the ability to choose the safe haven assets of bitcoin.


The currency issue Venezuela continues to deteriorate. The global economy index data show that by the end of last year, the average monthly inflation rate in Venezuela is amazing, up to 181%. This year, the global economy is expected to target the country’s inflation rate has reached 410%. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) even in Venezuela in 2017 inflation rate can reach 1600%. The World Bank (WorldBank) said that a country’s average monthly inflation rate once exceeded 50% can be regarded as hyperinflation.

When the Venezuelan people after the holiday, everything is getting worse. In order to attack the government decided to abolish the temporary cash hoarding phenomenon, the largest denominations of 100 Bolivar (Bolivar). For the people of Venezuela, 2017 is destined to be a painful year.

Fortunately, the bitcoin community is gradually expanding. The government free power supply also provides an excellent source of income for those who know people with mining equipment. In 2017, Venezuela is an important tipping point to force a large number of people to bitcoin, believe that this is only a matter of time.

The Republic of Suriname is a small country, the Dutch is the official language, is located in eastern venezuela. Suriname also suffered a serious inflation problem, the inflation rate reached 77%, and is still on the rise. It is reported that corruption is a major contributing factor to this economic difficulties. Like their western neighbors, the people of Suriname ready to accept bitcoin, intelligent mobile phone in the country holding rate has reached 175%.


Unfortunately, the country has not yet appeared in any formal bitcoin community. Although Suriname is very small, but once people started to use bitcoin, a digital currency in the spread between the millions of people still need time.


Angola is one of the many African countries suffered invasion of inflation. According to official data released last year in the country, Angola last year’s average monthly inflation rate of 44%. Richly endowed by nature oil and mineral resources make it the seventh largest country in Africa has become the most important supplier of oil Chinese. At the same time, Angola is the world’s fifth largest diamond mining. Angola’s mobile phone coverage is very broad, the quality of people’s lives is far higher than that of their neighbors.

At present, the people of Angola bitcoin are poorly understood, but the domestic has been started with Localbitcoins trading.


For another problem of inflation in South American countries of Argentina, for the first time exceeded 40% inflation rate in ten years. At present, Argentina is back in 1990, lingering inflation.

In addition, Argentina still is a relatively advanced country. The development of domestic currency community forming bit, excellent step driver also has begun to accept bitcoin payments.


West African population in Nigeria has reason to choose bitcoin. Nigeria in the first quarter of 2017, the inflation rate will exceed 20% forecast global economic indicators. More importantly, in contrast to Kenya and Uganda and other neighboring countries, mobile money transfer service M-Pesa to flourish in Nigeria is the government not to the local bank interests, not unfair supervision in this area.


Nigeria mobile phone ownership rate reached 107%, the number of users exceeded 150 million, and the United States in the same standard. In the high inflation economy, digital currency is banks and politicians can not stop, therefore, bitcoin will also bring huge influence to people in Nigeria.

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