The daily planet | bitcoin back to $4000; 90% Monroe coins have been dug up; Bithumb denied forged trading volume

 The daily planet | bitcoin back to $4000; 90% Monroe coins have been dug up; Bithumb denied forged trading volume

The headlines

Bitcoin back to 4000 USDT above, refresh nearly half high

According to the CoinMarketCap market, bitcoin today at 16:00 significantly stronger, short time to reach 4000USDT mark, refresh nearly half a month high, at 4002 USDT, the mainstream has stronger currency short-term gains, of which BCH is more prominent, 24 hours up to 35%.

Digital currency

The developer puts forward a new scheme of bitcoin expansion

Bitcoin developer Tyler Smith proposed a new bitcoin expansion solution, it uses a simple block encryption and zero knowledge chain. The extended scheme combines encryption currency project Coda and zero knowledge proof in the development and implementation of the various aspects, so as to support an innovative type of bitcoin client. The client will be able to run this program in the theory of real-time synchronization and verification of the whole chain, and no matter how the number and size of the data is constant, fully verify the safety and has almost instantaneous speed. In addition, the new proposal without any modification of existing bitcoin software can be achieved, if successful, will eliminate the current bitcoin community many (if not most) scale.

Data show: 90% Monroe coins have been dug up

According to data show that the current 16658697 (about 16 million 660 thousand XMR) was dug up, the total (18 million 440 thousand) 90.34%. By May 31, 2022, the number of XMR in circulation will reach 18 million 400 thousand, then the XMR system will open the Tail Emission supply stage, fixed output of 0.3 XMR per minute.

 The daily planet | bitcoin back to $4000; 90% Monroe coins have been dug up; Bithumb denied forged trading volume

Block chain industry

Bithumb denied forged trading volume

South Korea digital currency exchange Bithumb day before the digital currency trading and rating analysts CER accused of counterfeiting trading volume, since this summer after forged trading volume has reached 94% of the total trading volume. A representative of Bithumb responded that the company did not take any measures to expand the trading volume.

The world’s first regulated block chain of real estate to raise public platform in Switzerland on the line

Blockimmo monitoring platform blockchain announced on the platform at the beginning of 2019’s on-line real estate, and the general certificate of. Investors can invest in the platform, and can see the progress of the congregation. Last week, the Swiss financial regulators have approved the FINMA blockimmo business model and security pass card products.

Fire currency pool DPOS business development, become a public GXChain node chain

According to the fire coins official, fire coins mine pool to further expand the DPOS business, 19, officially became a public trust chain node public GXChain. At present, the fire coins mine pool or EOS, CMT, ONT, TRX super node. Fire currency pool said, the future, with the development of DPOS services, will further increase the income HPT holders.

The British Bladetech company or to build up the largest bitcoin mine plan

Because of the market turmoil, the British IT equipment provider Bladetech or shelve establishment of Britain’s largest bitcoin mining plan, and even abortion. In March this year, Bladetech had planned to raise $10 million to fund the project, and intends to build three mines in eastern England.

Coincheck: the parent company officially registered Coincheck has not yet been confirmed

According to the Nikkei reported that “Japan’s financial services agency approved Coincheck as a registered encryption currency exchange, Coincheck parent company Monex Group stressed that has not yet been confirmed by the Japanese matter. However, the company confirmed that the Japanese authorities are considering the application of coincheck. Monex also said that so far, Coincheck has not yet been confirmed officially registered. Next, if there are things about Coincheck need to be disclosed, will be released in a timely manner.

Global policy

The Bank of Israel appealed to the public to provide information for encryption currency supervision

The central bank (Bank of Israel) today called for the public to provide information for the coordination of virtual assets regulations. The central bank said, the team hope to follow Israel and overseas encryption currency development and evaluation, supervision will be applied to the technology of various uses and economic activities and financial markets. The team will collect data and information, in order to create a knowledge base on the subject for regulators and the public, and puts forward some suggestions for the development of ideal regulatory policies.

The South Korean Ministry of communication and information technology: the next block chain public demonstration project will expand to two times this year

In December 20th, South Korea’s science and Technology Ministry of Communications said that next year the blockchain public demonstration project will be expanded to two times this year, the project will also be promoting folk. The plan will promote the 12 project development (7 billion 200 million won), to ensure that the global competitiveness of block chain technology. In addition, it will also promote the block chain service model design and verification technology (PoC) support, block chain block chain business development needs, professional business (a total of 6 billion 200 million won) and supplier support.

Hunan Changsha government issued “on the block chain industry view”

Changsha municipal government office before the date of release “on the block chain industry view”, in the future, Changsha will strengthen the core technology research, promote the development of construction industry, the typical demonstration and application of ecology, enhance risk control ability, brought together a group of block chain enterprises, gather a group of blockchain professionals, to create a number of innovation research and development platform, breakthroughs in key technologies, block chain to foster a batch of new industry chain based on block, building block chain industry influential country gathering and demonstration application base.

Venezuela has become the world’s largest mobile phone market encryption currency

Dash has recorded another milepost by the Venezuelan special environment to promote the sales of more than 66000 sets of KRIP mobile phone, the mobile phone is designed according to the special encryption currency Ecosystem Optimization Dash enhancements. According to the company, from 8 August to launch 2018 years now, the vast majority of equipment in Venezuela has sales, making it by far the world’s largest mobile phone market encryption currency. Because the country’s consumers and retailers will be more and more money as a solution to transaction encryption. Because there is no support for hard currency and inflation, Bolivar almost worthless.

Japan’s financial services agency announced the annual activity report, the first mention of virtual currency related events

Japan’s financial services agency (FSA) announced the 17 annual activity report “financial office a year”, describes the financial department in 7 months 2017 years from 1 to 2018 years 6 months 30 days during the activity. Upon inquiry, the report is Japan’s first mentioned virtual currency related events. In the “future investment strategy”, expounds the main measures to promote innovation of financial department, such as the application of block chain technology. The number of virtual currency and other consulting counseling from the financial department, according to factors classification, there are 2799 common consultation (47%), the relevant administrative requirements of the 14433 (24%). In addition, the report also referred to the Coincheck virtual currency seminars, theft and the administrative punishment of domestic virtual currency exchange.

 The daily planet | bitcoin back to $4000; 90% Monroe coins have been dug up; Bithumb denied forged trading volume

Figure – voice

Source: IPO bit, facing obstacles impassable

Two anonymous sources said that the Hongkong stock market regulators, before the appropriate regulatory framework in place, any digital currency trading platform or associated with the business through the IPO in Hongkong is still too early to raise funds. The South China Morning Post said, the mainland and other bits of digital currency company plans to launch IPO, the current situation may be an impassable obstacle”. 18, the Hongkong Stock Exchange (HKEX) a spokesman has said, IPO bit reluctant to approve the rumors.

ICT Institute block chain supervisor: the use of foreign open source technology blockchain technology platform in China 80%

Chinese information communication research institute director Sood blockchain issued a document that the number of China block chain enterprises after the United States, a group of Southeast Asia blockchain the rise of new forces in succession in the blockchain 2.0 era, there may be a battle for the future of the blockchain field of discourse right. The chain of open source code, the code with Chinese volume is only one-third of the United States, Chinese independent technology platform is not much, the blockchain technology platform 80% is the use of foreign open source technologies (such as super books, Ethernet Square) products or derivatives. It also said that from the patent application agency, the United States is more pragmatic, more pragmatic China. In contrast, in addition to the central bank, the patent layout of financial institutions in our country is relatively backward, and the block chain talent growth rate can not meet the market demand.

Lawyer Xiao Sa: steal, cheat ICO tokens constitute a crime, the essence and the currency price linked

12 month 19 days, the lawyer Xiao SA in the public, entitled “non famous” steal virtual currency ‘, also constitute a crime? “Article. The article concludes that steal, cheat ICO tokens, whether it constitutes a crime, in fact, directly linked with the currency price, “copycat” waste money “no money” criminal law protection is necessary. Therefore, steal, cheat these tokens, should not constitute a crime. If the virtual currency may be illegal, but has a considerable market value, is stolen, cheat behavior may constitute a crime.

MIIT Li Ming: open source community will become the mainstream of development mode

In December 20th, the 2018 World e-commerce conference room, the blockchain China Electronic Technology Research Institute of standardization ministry Director Li Ming said the chain block is a part of a new generation of information technology, a new generation of information technology, the common value of data mining. In the block chain industry, the open source community will become the mainstream of the development mode, physical assets will expand the scale of value chain. In addition, the emergence of public chain to form a plurality of value chain across the island, the technology will become the important part to promote the exchange of value.

Beijing Daily: Beijing has a leading edge in the block chain financial technology

December 19th, Beijing daily published an article “blueprint” Deconstruction of Beijing financial technology, the article points out that the distributed technology (cloud computing, block chain) as the underlying technology of financial science and technology function application, education and scientific research in Beijing has a dominant position and leading storage resources, such as the Peking University initiated the establishment of the blockchain research center. Block chain technology joint research center of Tsinghua University set up; in the scenario, Beijing to explore the application of new technology, big data block chain, the establishment of large data information sharing with the characteristics of the capital and credit evaluation system, the development of finance business products and services.

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