The daily planet | media said Facebook is developing a stable currency; Ebang international re submitted the main board listing application; part of the shopping rebate platform set on the blockchain vest

 The daily planet | media said Facebook is developing a stable currency; Ebang international re submitted the main board listing application; part of the shopping rebate platform set on the blockchain vest

The headlines

Bloomberg: Facebook is for WhatsApp users to develop a stable currency

Informed sources said, Facebook is developing a stable currency, for users of WhatsApp transfer, first will focus on India remittance market. Informed sources declined to disclose the internal plan, said Facebook is still under development strategy, including conventional monetary asset custody plan or protect the value of the currency’s stability.

Digital currency

American Intercontinental Exchange plans to launch an encrypted payment contract

American Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) plans to launch an encrypted payment futures contract, the contract is expected soon to obtain regulatory approval.

EOS users reported to the project Bug, suspected Fanzao project to clear about 20000000 tokens

The evening of December 20th, reflecting a game project BETX EOS users, the BETX found loopholes, and issued a reminder to the project, the project is not in consultation with the user case, the user will use Bug to obtain the about 20000000 tokens removed. The user said that through the current pool every ten thousand EBTX to 3 EOS the first dividend.

Media: encryption machine taking Tianhe International currency again submit the main board listing application

According to Hong Kong media newspaper reported, December 20th, machine manufacturers Tianhe International crypto currency (Ebang) again on the preliminary prospectus documents, to re submit the main board listing application. E-bon brand wing bit bitcoin mining machine sales (BPU), block chain related products accounted for the first half of this year revenue of about 99.3%, while the telecommunications equipment revenue accounted for only about 0.7%. As of the end of the month 6 this year, revenue 21.38 billion yuan, year-on-year increase of 8.01 times, the main market in recent years is bitcoin mining products demand rising; net profit of 9.17 billion yuan, an increase of 17.89 times.

Security tokens issued and trading platform Prometheum HashKey $12 million investment

In December 19th, the United States compliance of securities issuance and trading platform Prometheum announced tokens, get $12 million investment from investment institutions HashKey encryption, and reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the universal blockchain laboratory.

Block chain industry

The bank officially released the blockchain asset securitization system based on chain integration”

The day before, relying on bank asset securitization system “building block chain technology chain integration” officially launched, the first batch of users on the synchronous chain, asset securitization business ecosystem “led by the Bank of Lujiazui asset securitization alliance” was established.

Part of the shopping rebate platform set on the blockchain vest

Recently, Odaily Daily Planet reporter observed, there are a lot of shopping rebate platform declared itself as “a new generation of shopping rebate platform” blockchain technology development based on the block and hook chain lies in: platform Token in accordance with the consensus mechanism and intelligent contract allocation, the total issuance is fixed, and the output year-on-year reduction, to ensure continuous Token the appreciation of Token reaches a certain amount of cash. These sets on the block chain vest these rebate platform, and had the most different is that the Commission, pumping into into the amount of Token there is appreciation of space.

Report: Asia than the United States and Europe affect bitcoin price comparison more

The new study shows that the price of bitcoin and encryption money market is the main driving force in Asia, not the west. According to the data encryption currency and research company Mosaic, the Asian influence on the development of the virtual currency market is far greater than the influence from the western region. The research firm said that Asia has 11 major news about encryption currency. These headlines average market 18.61%.

The global alliance for block chain game was established in Hainan

In December 20th, the 2018 annual China game industry annual conference forum block chain technology and the development of the game industry innovation forum, the global alliance for the blockchain game (GBGA) was announced.

Tianhe International had exports to Iran telecom products, or in violation of U.S. sanctions and export control regulations

In December 20th, vehicle manufacturers Tianhe International prospectus again landing HKEx website. Tianhe International disclosed in the latest prospectus, have exported 4 million 200 thousand yuan worth of telecom products to Iran, may be in violation of U.S. sanctions and export control regulations. Tianhe International clarified that it was not intentional and, at the same time, they have been to the U.S. Office of foreign assets control and Industrial Security Bureau to disclose the relevant information, and promised after no violation of international sanctions laws and regulations. Finally, Tianhe International explained that international sanctions legal adviser said it really suffered a lower risk of sanctions.

Global policy

The British government agreed to make a clear distinction between coins and currency, will encrypt the currency related crime risk

The British government and the British financial behavior authority (FCA) has released the special committee of the Ministry of Finance in September in response to the report on the encryption of assets. According to the government, has realized the potential for DLT. The government added, will be far more than the fifth money laundering directive way of handling encryption currency related crime risk. In addition, the classification of digital assets, FCA agreed to focus group report, make a clear distinction between bitcoin (and other encryption currency and currency). FCA also promised to investigate the prohibition of encryption derivatives sales.

Thailand media: SEC or ICO rules will be relaxed

Thailand securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is planning to hold a public hearing, to relax the ICO sale and private sales regulations, the issuer to raise funds to reduce ICO barriers. Thailand SEC Secretary General Tipsuda Thavaramara said the proposed guidelines attempt to consider risk management and investor protection at the same time, to seek greater balance in the regulatory process, reduce regulatory barriers.

South Korea Upbit exchange operators alleged market manipulation, the other 3 people were brought to trial

South Korea’s virtual currency exchange Upbit operators alleged market manipulation, was committed for trial. The operators to create a false account, disguised with huge amounts of money through virtual currency transactions for the illusion of about 150 billion won. After investigation, they also in order to make the market looks prosperous, deliberately raise the market, create 254 trillion won the order, and about 4.2 trillion won of virtual currency transactions. The local prosecutor’s office in southern Seoul, said Chairman of Upbit 3 people were not indicted on suspicion of forgery and fraud.

Subsequently, Upbit sued event announcement responded by saying: the company did not conduct fraudulent transactions, employees did not get any profit.

Japan’s financial services agency issued a “virtual currency exchange industry seminar report”

12 month 21 days, Japan’s financial services agency issued a “virtual currency exchange industry seminar report”. The report summarizes the previous 11 virtual currency exchange seminar, and said: virtual currency exchange theft incidents continue to occur; with prices soaring, virtual currency has become a target of speculation; internal management rectification work behind the pace of expansion; the use of virtual currency transactions (new margin trading, the emergence of ICO).

The United Arab Emirates securities and commodities authority: the United Arab Emirates will complete the ICO specified in the middle of 2019

The United Arab Emirates securities and commodities authority (SCA) will be at the end of the first half of 2019 the country launched the initial issuance of tokens (ICO) regulations, a move designed to provide another way to raise funds raised by the public for the company. The SCA has approved ICO as securities, and with the Abu Dhabi stock exchange and Dubai financial market cooperation, for the development of the ICO trading platform next year. SCA Obaid CEO Al Zaabi said: “we have signed an agreement with the law firm, for the issue of ICO regulatory sandbox and rule book.”

Bermuda digital asset custody business code draft for soliciting public opinion

Bermuda Monetary Authority (BMA) is soliciting public opinion on the draft code of the digital asset custody business announced. The bill is intended to provide protection to the public, at the same time that authorities on digital asset custody expectations. BMA has set January 18, 2019 as a deadline for receiving feedback. Bermuda Monetary Authority’s senior adviser Moad Fahmi said “digital asset management practices” will benefit the country’s financial system.

Figure – voice

Jiang: not only the blockchain Thatcher consensus demand

In December 20th, WeChat group said: Jiang zall blockchain no consensus, only block chain demand, and then through to the center to meet the demand at the same time, to avoid being killed. Want to have a consensus, want to hold together, people thought, is human vulnerability performance. If want to through consensus to prevent the split, it will not work in logic. A center of things, how likely is full (mostly) consensus? Some people think this wave of currency prices fell, because BCH is a typical hard bifurcation leads to cognitive errors. Bitcoin is the bull market because bitcoin blockchain useful, creating new economic freedom, and bitcoin is because the bull bear market rose too much, the bubble is too big.

Hunan Provincial Committee Hu Henghua: catch a number of projects in the fields of the block chain to provide support for the development of the new economy

Hunan provincial Party committee, Changsha party secretary Hu Henghua stressed, should be more focused, force points out the construction of industrial projects. Relying on the Xiangjiang wisdom Valley, Lugu Park, relying on the professional characteristics of Mount Yuelu National University of science and Technology City, Malan mountain and the video Creative Park Park, arrested a number of projects in artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing and block chain and other areas, to provide support for the development of the new economy.

Li Xiaolai: you are the Hangzhou Internet court to fight a lawsuit

In December 21st, Li Xiaolai forwarded runaway gongqinwang micro-blog and commented that he is in Hangzhou Internet court to fight a lawsuit. It is reported that in December 20th, the runaway Prince Gong forwarded the article “Internet court Chinese using block chain to combat Internet plagiarism”. The article said that the day before, Hangzhou launched the first Internet court to deal with Internet related cases, the court is expected to receive the court documents and case electronically, and authorized through live online case handling. A few weeks ago, the Hangzhou court became the first to admit that the Internet Chinese blockchain technology as the storage of evidence the court.

 The daily planet | media said Facebook is developing a stable currency; Ebang international re submitted the main board listing application; part of the shopping rebate platform set on the blockchain vest

Liao Xiang: founder of BTG bifurcation is the essence of taking people behind the control of funds

The founder of BTG, intelligent lightning CEO Liao Xiang said that the community is split bifurcation. Is a small part of people from the bifurcation of good, most of the people left. Leave the people who start leaving heritage. The bifurcation of the essence is to go behind the control of money, this is the most intuitive phenomenon we see. The currency price to judge the critical success, the premise is completely controlled by the market price of money, rather than manipulation by people.

Researcher Hasu Facebook is expected to: encryption currency is developing crypto currency impact on the market is huge

Cryptocurrencies researcher Hasu forwarding Bloomberg on “Facebook is encrypted currency” for WhatsApp users to develop the article and commented that my prediction is that for the development of the market, FB (under development) the sum of encryption currency will contribute more than so far all the encrypted currency. Choose a stable currency is the right choice. Bitcoin moat becomes clear that it cannot compete in cheap / fast payment, but as a superior form of property competition. Imagine, it only need to use bitcoin moat (review of resistance) in exchange for throughput, become another payment network, then Facebook announced a out in all aspects of your product (stable value!) For 2 billion 300 million users. Sadness´╝ü

Chia Nan Yun Chi technology director Chen Feng: mills did not cut, the new A10 product will be launched in the next year

Chia Nan Yun Chi technology director Chen Feng said, Jia Nan science and technology this year’s sales situation is better than last year, the first half of this year than in the second half of the year, has basically completed the sales plan. And there is no cut, but the old models no longer produce new chip. In product development, Chen Feng said Jia Nan science and technology from the beginning of the launch of the global first ACSI mills, stopped the development of a new generation of chip machine. The new A10 products will change according to the market, choose the next half year launched.

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