The daily planet | multiple EOS head DAPP attacks; France rejected the amendment cryptocurrencies tax cuts; the blockchain selected one of digital security technology industry in the direction of

 The daily planet | multiple EOS head DAPP attacks; France rejected the amendment cryptocurrencies tax cuts; the blockchain selected one of digital security technology industry in the direction of

The headlines

Today, a number of EOS head DAPP attacks, loss of over 5 million yuan

The evening of December 18th to 19 am, a EOS head DAPP attack. EOSMax, ToBet, BigGame and BetDice suffered a loss of 55000 transaction rollback attack, respectively EOS, 22000 EOS, 200000 14903.18EOS, EOS. In addition, hackers use replay attack vulnerabilities to attack the guessing game TRUSTBET, profit 11501 EOS. The EOS price of 18 yuan to calculate the total loss of 303404.18 EOS, a total of about 5 million 460 thousand yuan.

Digital currency

South Africa beyond Europe, becoming the highest encryption currency trading volume area

According to Tony Simonovsky analysis, South Africa has long been one of the countries with the highest amount of bitcoin transactions, taking into account all possible factors, it outperformed the European continent. In the first week of November as the basis for the analysis of South Africa, localbitcoins total of 152 bitcoin transactions. The same period, the European continent about 377 bitcoin transactions. On the surface, it seems more in continental Europe than in South Africa more than doubled. But careful observation data and the properties of these two markets, we can see clearly that South Africa’s performance is much better. Especially, considering the population difference, South Africa better than europe. South Africa has about 56 million residents, while Europe is about 750 million. Each one corresponds to 14 Europeans in South africa. The European economy is dozens of times of South Africa’s economy.

Block chain industry

Report: 2018 malicious software mining increased 1500%, can lead to low performance of equipment and shorten the battery life

According to the eSentire report, compared with 2017, a crypto currency boom in 2018 resulted in malicious software large-scale increase of 1500%. When users visit the site to run malicious code, malicious software will tap directly in the crypto currency infected endpoint device or network browser (usually Monero). Once infected, the malware will consume a large amount of processor time silent mining encryption currency, leading to poor equipment performance and shorten the battery life.

Application of block chain technology to promote China’s tax payment credit management of tax China publication “

The publication of “China tax application block chain technology to promote China’s tax payment credit management research”, based on research and application of tax credit and in the analysis of the domestic and outer block chain aspects, discusses the block chain technology to solve the current tax payment credit management difficulties and feasibility of the proposed design scheme evaluation and management system of payment credit tax block chain based on Technology: (a) focus on top-level design, improve the tax payment credit laws and regulations; (two) the construction of the tax (fee) big data platform, provide data support for the credit evaluation and management; (three) to achieve full coverage of credit management, improve credit evaluation mechanism and the evaluation results using the related policies and systems; (four) the application of intelligent block chain contract and incentive mechanism, construction of tax payment credit evaluation and dynamic management mechanism; (five) application block chain key technology, perfect the tax payment credit publicity system; (six) the application of block chain technology and big data technology, improve the tax payment and incentive and Joint Disciplinary mechanism.

The EOS exchange “fake prepaid” suggestion on protection of security company

In the morning the BetDice large head DApp suffered from attack by the rollback transaction, slow fog security team proposed EOS exchange and the center of the wallet in through the RPC interface get_actions hot wallet recharge records, check the recharge transaction where block_num is less than last_irreversible_block (the irreversible block), if block_num is greater than last_irreversible_block said the the block is still reversible, the existence of “false recharge” risk.

Global policy

Swiss financial market supervisory institutions approved by the Swiss bank Dukascopy ICO issued FINMA

The Swiss bank Dukascopy 19 announced that it has become the first Swiss financial market regulators approved FINMA ICO Swiss bank.

The British tax agency issued a detailed guide to how to pay attention to tax on personal assets with encryption

The tax agency has just released a detailed guide to report special attention on how to tax has encrypted personal assets, but no overview companies hold tokens or commercial use tokens to tax. The report will be encrypted currency as assets rather than money. How to treat the tokens for tax purposes, depending on its purpose, but not its definition.

Japan’s financial services agency will be approved as a registered Coincheck encryption currency exchange

The FSA said, based on the “capital settlement law”, will allow Coincheck to become a registered encryption currency exchange.

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute set up a new industry standard block chain technology research group

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has set up a new industry standard group (ISG), in cooperation with the private block chain system, provide the basis for the new service. Currently 5 companies joined ISG is HUAWEI, Intel, Ericsson, Telefonica and Vodafone (Telefonica). ETSI said, ISG will analyze the distributed books license (private blockchain) deployed in various industries and the needs of government agencies.

The French veto to tax tax amendment encryption currency

The French National Assembly rejected a series of currency traders and users in order to reduce the encryption tax tax amendment. The rejected proposal relates to the annual exemption from 305 euros ($347) increased to 5000 euros and 3000 euros; another amendment did not get support, allowing capital gains tax in the current system of securities and the same basis and conditions. Amendment to distinguish normal activity and to encrypt the user to bring the preferential tax activities was also rejected, a crypto currency capital loss related proposal was also rejected. In addition, the amendment of article 16A of the also rejected the proposed amendment, only when the money is to sell encryption and extract to the bank account of the tax, rather than according to the encryption, converted into the value of the currency exchange law to tax.

The new law will ICO a year Russia personal investment limit of $9000

Russian lawmakers have revised a crypto currency bill industry supervision. In its latest version, on the draft law to raise public provisions of the maximum amount of ordinary Russians will be allowed to invest in ICO projects for less than 9000 dollars a year.

Block chain selected digital security technology industry in the direction of

According to the Ministry of information industry and the official news, December 15th, directed by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Network Security Management Bureau, 2018 digital security ten hot contest conference jointly organized China Information Communication Research Institute, Chinese Institute of communications and China Internet association held in Chengdu. Artificial intelligence security industry, security industry chain block and artificial intelligence etc. in the chip industry.

Malta’s first block chain banks to be established

Malta financial technology company RnF Finance Limited will build the first block chain Bank of the country, the business will focus on the block chain and artificial intelligence technology companies in the industry, the bank has received regulatory approval, is expected to start business in the middle of next year.

Figure – voice

Bitcoin traders short yesterday announced to stop bitcoin short

Former International Monetary Fund economist and senior risk traders Mark Dow Faroe in bitcoin peak of $19511 at the start of the short, when he thought that bitcoin will not sustain its growth, the price will decline. Until December 18th, Dow announced on Twitter to stop bitcoin short, he said that this year has harvested two profit, and now finally decided to stop short, but he did not comment on whether this is because he is bullish.

Zhao Changpeng: next year plans to open an currency more than a dozen currency exchange, sell assets in bear market has not encrypted

Zhao Changpeng said in an interview, encryption currency is the true factors affecting the long-term investment in the future application, has nothing to do with the price. The coin does not change in strategy, next year plans to open more than a dozen currency exchange, is currently planning their own decentralized exchange; hope to have a prudent regulatory environment. Asked how many hands encryption assets, Zhao Changpeng said, all my money is still in the encryption market, now bear all obvious to people, but believe that the market will usher in a turning point.

PeckShield: today, four EOS guessing games for the same attacks by hackers to help

The evening of December 18th to 19 am, a EOS head DAPP attack. EOSMax, ToBet, BigGame and BetDice four games total loss of over 288329.85 EOS, the value of over 5 million yuan. Analysis shows that the PeckShield security personnel: four guessing games in a spate of attacks, and EOS Node loopholes, preliminary inference for the same help by hackers. The attack BetDice hnihpyadbunv created the account account eykkxszdrnnc, EOSMax and BigGame used to attack. The account eykkxszdrnnc has created a sub account kfexzmckuhat to attack ToBet. After a successful attack, and frequently create sub accounts to transfer the assets.

Ikigai hedge fund founder: the Fed’s action will have a significant impact on the development of encryption currency

The United States President Trump tweeted: I want to remind the Fed fed people before making a mistake to read today “Wall Street daily” editorial. In addition, don’t let the market become worse now than liquidity. Don’t say 50 billion. The feelings of the market, do not just look at the meaningless numbers. The Ikigai hedge fund founder Travis Kling forwarded the twitter and commented, I know we are in a brutal bear market, but do not forget, this kind of thing is extremely bullish in the direction of encryption currency. It will have an important impact on the future of ten years of development of encryption currency.

 The daily planet | multiple EOS head DAPP attacks; France rejected the amendment cryptocurrencies tax cuts; block of digital security technology industry chain in ten directions

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