The Danish police pioneered the use of global bitcoin to hunt down criminals

The Danish police pioneered the use of global bitcoin to hunt down criminals

The criminals to become more and more difficult, monitoring technology and forensic science is making progress, full-time police are working to destroy the crime day in and day out. This is why the encrypted currency bitcoin launched in 2009 when global criminals dance for joy. The use of the Internet to track money, crooks and criminals can finally enjoy the anonymous cash, without risk of being found in the real world.

But now it seems bitcoin is unlikely to be a crime in the future, according to reports, the Danish police by tracking bitcoin transactions have successfully arrested drug traffickers. In January this year, according to a Danish Court sentenced to eight years in prison for drug crimes, bitcoin tracking evidence play an important role in the decision.

The Danish National cybercrime Center (NC3) director Kim Ahrens Chu Pu said in an interview, the Danish law enforcement agencies in the development of new special IT system, can compare the two bitcoin trading information of different types. First of all, through the block chain technology using bitcoin, analysis for the purchase of goods bitcoin transactions. Then list the information with the bitcoin bitcoin buyers and sellers were compared. Then use the results to identify people in specific transactions. At present, the Federal Bureau of investigation and the European police are already in use by the system developed by the Danish police.

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