The Danish Saxo Bank believes that 2017 bitcoin rose to $2100?

The Danish Saxo Bank believes that 2017 bitcoin rose to $2100?

According to the U.S. “fortune” reports, bitcoin prices have increased by 75% in 2016. Recently, the Danish international investment bank Saxo Bank recently issued a “2017 abnormal forecast report ‘, because of Trump’s’ consumer boom’, bitcoin will likely increase by 165% in 2017. The bank said that in 2017 the price of bitcoin can from the current $763.80 (Coinbase exchange price) grew to $2100+.

The bank predicts that Trump’s plan to increase infrastructure spending, the Fed rate hike will lead to further dollar prices are rising to “rise to the moon.”. A strong dollar will be forced to seek alternative currency in emerging countries.

“Given the prosperity of legal tender and debt overhang and bust history, encryption currency become the alternative available. Bitcoin as facial encryption currency will benefit from the turmoil in the markets. Emerging markets are eager to get rid of the hook and the monetary policy of the United States, the bank is accepted as payment block chain system proves they are willing to achieve zero interest rates and reduce the risk of the technology support system.”

The bank also explained:

“If the banking system as well as countries like Russia and China began to accept bitcoin to replace the dollar with the traditional banking and payment systems, we will see bitcoin prices easily increase 2 times, increase from the current level of $700 to $2100, because bitcoin block chain to the center of the supply system limited and low transaction cost more attractive and accepted.”

In early 2014, Saxo Bank, then CEO Lars – Christensen (LarsSeierChristensen) expressed in the interview he bitcoin interest that bitcoin is an opportunity for investors. At that time, he also suggested that the banks have bitcoin technology for early testing.

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