The DAO stolen ETC is moved to the new account

The DAO stolen ETC is moved to the new account

More than $5 million worth of TheDAO attacks and digital currency related is currently being moved.

This situation has been through the analysis of the EthereumClassic block chain is confirmed, the findings come from a data analyst BokKhoo. Khoo is the founder of New Zealand Bok consulting firm, his research shows that about 3600000 ETC may have been moved to a new account in the earlier this week.

The transfer of these funds may have been associated with a deep debate the failure of TheDAO.

After the attack on TheDAO, an unknown group of success will be worth about $60 million dollars to a transfer of Ethernet they control accounts, the attack led to the etheric Fang were hard to recover the stolen funds bifurcation, and returned to the original owner. However, not everyone agreed with the hard decision bifurcation.

This decision led to the division of the etheric square community ideology, EthereumClassic continues to use the original transaction records and account balance. In the process of revitalization of the original block in the TheDAO chain, the attacker also won the stolen funds get these possibilities, now it seems they are to seize this opportunity.

At present, there have been 1000ETC (about $1500) a new account was identified from the Khoo transfer to a developer account associated with ETC.

Because these funds is currently located in a look is not restricted TheDAO money policy account, so these funds at present can be extracted.

Khoo has confirmed that the new funds were transferred to the TheDAO address, and shows that the money is from the earlier TheDAO associated with an account.

What may happen next is uncertain.

For example, at present does not look any online market for goods receiving ETC.

There is a digital currency exchange transaction ETC has said that the related additional funds in these attacks and TheDAO were released before they have “and law enforcement departments’ cooperation to investigate these funds.

However, so far, it is unclear whether there will be other exchange trading in these funds, and whether the owners of these funds currently may seek a more difficult to track the spot transaction.

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