The dark Empire silk destruction in mind: bitcoin puzzle FBI agents are pulled into the water

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This is a free and dream, and stick to the story of the fall.

Liberal believers to become masters of the dark empire;

FBI star officers become the slave of money;

A green hand officer, the truth is the last guardian.

Three of them are the fate of bitcoin strung, staged in the Silk Road in the dark net.



“When the silk road caused by the United States Senate notice, I know I have woken up on this planet, the largest and most do not offend the military organization.”

In 2011, there has been a “anonymous version of the Amazon” reputation “of the dark net silk road” founder DPR “, wrote these words in his diary.

The “DPR” represents the highest administrator of the Silk Road, the letter is “Dread Pirate Roberts” terrorist pirate abbreviation, from a 1987 “the princess bride movie.

In July 2013, the silk road was found in a server in Iceland, police rushed to the Silk Road home customer service Green. At the time of his arrest, the 47 year old Green panic shouting: “please don’t catch me, DPR know all about me, he will kill me!”

In the eyes of Green, DPR is a very complicated boss, is also a very difficult leadership, if agreed by a TorChat time, Green a minute late he would be chatter without stop.

In addition to the “Christmas gift, DPR is still very generous, he will let me join a poker tournament, and will enjoy plenty of money to let me play.” In an interview, Green revealed more details about DPR.

But Green doesn’t know, will “kill” DPR founded the Silk Road of the mind, just want to use the encryption feature of bitcoin, to do a multinational free trade market, and an international utopian movement.

But with the bitcoin rose from $0.025 to $150, the liberal dream already disappeared.

This is a place in bitcoin was born at the beginning of the story, in the carrying drugs, weapons and pornography Dark online, free revolution bloom and wither.

With the bitcoin anonymity walls are cracked, “DPR” true identity surfaced, and the three leading to different fate.


Prelude to the fate of gear

The story from a man named Ross (Ross Ulbricht) the boy speaking.

Ross was born in March 27, 1984, is the standard of “other people’s children”.

As a child, he was involved in the boy scouts of America, to scout rank position. This reputation can be achieved in the United States only 4% scouts.

2006, Ross was admitted to the Penn State University, studying materials science and engineering master’s degree.

“He is so excellent, friendly, compassionate, caring, he very idealistic, I often heard him say to me, if my death can be inferred from the progress of mankind, I will be willing to burn my life.” Ross’s mother said Lyn.

But she does not know is that “clever” is Ross in disguise.

Ross’s parents

Ross was not at ease, during my graduate study, he used his expertise to develop a drug refining technology, “I found a good way to get rich,” he boasted to his girlfriend Julia Vie.

During the University, Ross has started selling homemade drugs, to earn a high income.

In addition to busy “rich”, according to Ross’s friend Ross also recalled, the liberal economic power of interest. Ross was in his introduction of LinkedIn wrote his own view of economics:

I want to use the economic theory as the abolition of human force and oppression, as slavery everywhere was abolished, I believe one stress and all forms of non violence, limit the freedom of another person may end.

These seemingly casual remarks and choice, Ross has become a special extreme free dark network prelude.

In Ross when indulging in trafficking in rich, another protagonist of the story, Tabell (Tarbell) is a university as a weightlifter.

But Tabell’s real dream is to become a policeman, he plans to finish college, then went to apply for the master of computer science, continue towards the direction of the development of the cause of the police.

However, the police work has trouble. Although has won numerous honors, the drug enforcement administration veteran agent Carle (ForceCarl Mark Force) has been for many years the work lost enthusiasm.

The narcotics bureau are contending for power, Carle has also been coerced them.

Of course, more seriously, the perennial undercover life almost destroyed Carle’s will. Dangerous game every time, let Carle obsessed, unable to escape from the role of.

“I should make some changes.” Carle said to himself.


The “Silk Road” was born

In 2009, Ross successfully get a master’s degree, returned to his native city of Austen.

He had chosen the University during the sale of drug money, to their own business. However, in the rule of law in business, has no interest in Ross. He indulged in drug trafficking money in pleasure, several entrepreneurial attempt, in Ross’s own end up.

With the boy scouts of America commissioned Ross, that the U.S. government on drug control strictly. So even though Ross can come to life on the expenditure of earnings by drugs, but no large-scale expansion.

However, opportunities appear very quickly: Ross from a “customer” in the mouth, know bitcoin existence.

At first, because of their worship of liberal economics, Ross was bitcoin price completely by market demand influence “set to attract, he soon fell in love with the humble new.

But for 2010 years, with bitcoin began to get the “price” and multiplied after graduation, almost two years without any success still Ross whim: why not use bitcoin anonymity, to establish a bitcoin website based on underground?

This idea is not reckless, because in sporadic drug trafficking, Ross learned that the “federal crackdown on drug trafficking, basically all failed”.

In January 2011, Ross at the Naval Research Laboratory for the protection of U.S. intelligence communication established by dark network Tor, launched a “Silk Road (Silk Road)” stores.

Ross used the Dread Pirate abbreviation as a pseudonym – DPR.

The Silk Road, is the first to support bitcoin trading network store dark. Anonymous bitcoin and anonymous Tor network, which is fully in line with the pursuit of Ross free economic model.

At first, Ross had envisioned a “digital economy”, he will become the first silk road towards liberalism heaven forward market.

In the secret dark network, Ross quietly opened the carnival feast.

Less than 2 months in the Silk Road, the Silk Road on the sale of drugs has been extended to the Columbia Afghanistan No. 4 heroin, cocaine, LSD, strawberry Caramello, Mercury, XTC, cocaine and ecstasy (MDMA) and black tar heroin and other products.

In June, an anonymous poison gentleman on Gawker to share their purchase experience on the Silk Road: “compared with the trading line, the above drugs not only cheap, and the receipt will be through the third party logistics, so even if the goods are found in the box, you can also use the do not know the person who posted the reason from the law. This process is really great.”

This statement is issued, the silk road traffic increased sharply.

With the rise of the Silk Road, that year, bitcoin prices have also created a record high of $17.

Because Nakamoto So has created bitcoin, Ross in the dark net with another identity DPR let bitcoin really flow together, so Ross also obtained by DPR part of the bitcoin fans support.

At that time the encryption the eyes of fans, the Silk Road, “DPR”, and Nakamoto So is the name of the same weight.

However, with the further expansion of the Silk Road, bring in bitcoin wealth under the impact of the establishment of free thought empire king, but slowly to the mission of terrorism.


“Marco Polo” action

“We need to know that we have found in the mail transport of drugs, and these drugs from the one called the” Silk Road “of the underground market”.

June 2011, is forced to go to church drinking, Carle, is an inter departmental meeting but the name “be sleepy straws, silk road, let Carle moment from the decadent state of excitement.

Because in a few days ago, Carle had a drug addiction by gentleman at Gawker on the Silk Road shopping experience to share, and paid attention to this website.

In fact, shortly after the birth of the Silk Road, the law enforcement departments in the United States has been aware of the existence of the Silk Road, and began trying to crack it.

But, in the double encryption and Tor bitcoin network, U.S. law enforcement authorities can not start first.

Carle attended the meeting, inter departmental meeting is specifically for the Silk Road to carry out the survey, participants were from FBI, narcotics bureau, tax bureau, the National Security Council, the United States Postal service.

“The U.S. drug enforcement agency, FBI, the National Security Bureau, tax bureau, the secret service and the U.S. Postal Service staff managed to infiltrate into the organization, then the silk road is like a piece of fat meat, many agencies are scrambling to break it, but no one can succeed.” Carle once recalled.

Like Carle, Tabell is also concerned about the rise of new silk road”.

At this time Tabell has been admitted to the New York police office, trying to track down a “Lulz (Lulz Security)” the hacker organization.

Lulz has launched a “anti security action” attack, successfully attacked the Central Intelligence Agency, and within 2 months in the Senate of the United States, Nintendo and SONY and many other institutions.

In June 2011, Tabell successfully traced the co-founder of Lulz Subu, has established its own reputation in the police department.

And this reputation, Tabell will also be involved in the vortex of the silk road.

In 2012 January, along the Silk Road to the state, the U.S. National Security Bureau plans to aggregate multiple law enforcement departments jointly implement a depth investigation action on the Silk Road, the code (Operation Marco Polo) – Marco Polo.

Carle and Tabell drug hero starsky star are called the.

Just as the criminal investigation of two people: one end part company each going his own way a hero, a man became the accomplice.


The fall of the inspector

In January 2012, Carle with rich experience of drug investigation was started in the silk road. At that time he did not know what is bitcoin, and really understand that digital currency why someone $10 to buy it.

There is only one goal in his mind, seize this called “mystery man DPR”.

In order to deep behind enemy lines, Carle began undercover operations.

His long hair, ears pierced, with exaggerated earrings, and stabbed a tribal tattoo on his back, disguised as a Republic of Dominica Eladio Guzman drug traffickers who.

Carle is Eladio Guzman on the silk road named “Nob”, and in the United States on drug trafficker wanted files, create a credible story of their own.

American prisoners query website

In disguise all the information after the completion, Carle investigated some information of the silk road.

Carle learned that the silk road is an information intermediary, is also facing a lot of fraud harassment. The most common, is to receive a bitcoin payment after delivery is not.

Then, in April 2012, the Carle government allotted the old computer, sent a letter to DPR.

In the letter Carle wrote two major parts: one is to buy with tens of millions of dollars in the Silk Road; the other one is for DPR, “the Silk Road commercial needs a large-scale integration, from the development state of piecemeal now”.

DPR soon reply: “I think the Silk Road price should be $one billion, while more than tens of millions. However, your suggestion is of great reference value behind.”

In fact, Carle’s advice is to fit the DPR, which is Ross’s demand. Because at the time of the Silk Road in the face of users soared, has been very urgent demand facing upgrade.

The opinions of both Carle and Ross agree without prior without previous consultation, exchange more and more.

Ross told Carle said: “the Silk Road for me, is not only a business, it is a change in my life, and has become a part of my work in life.”

Carle Ross played a mentor role, he and Ross discuss and create a “Silk Road” of the site Masters of Silk parallel Road payment architecture suggested Ross to the Silk Road to build a “Trust Center”.

Of course, the exchanges between the two sides are anonymous, is the founder of the Silk Road “DPR” and “Nob” in the exchange of drug.

They like freshmen familiar with each other’s feelings. DPR encourages Nob to study paleontology, Nob suggested that DPR don’t watch “Batman”, invited him to LA……

In fact, even if the DPR did not know the true identity of Carle, undercover operations here can have a perfect ending.

As Ross listened to Carle “the trust center”, established in Iceland Silk Road bitcoin version of the payment center server, let Tabell found the Silk Road Information loophole, gave Ross a fatal blow.

But Carle did not this close hand, by virtue of the Silk Road upgrade contribution, he was Ross’s great trust, the Silk Road became the community’s top game player.

At this time Carle also learned to go to the center of the characteristic value and anonymous bitcoin, bitcoin prices and in rapid growth, has become the original bitcoin believers.

As Ross’s right-hand man, Carle is often responsible for some of the Silk Road site procurement, when Ross took more bitcoin to reward Carle, Carle did not report the income, but a clear conscience will bitcoin into his pocket.

Because Carle knew this anonymous bitcoin system to the center, still let the U.S. national security agency at a loss what to do.

In 2013, with the bitcoin price increase, these bitcoin brought millions of dollars in revenue for Carle, Carle is therefore the real experience of the international drug traffickers spend money like water of life.

Accustomed to the rich, how sweet return to poverty? This wealth of games like a drug addictive, so Carle can not extricate themselves trapped.

So, even though Carle and Ross met in 2013, Carle also did not to arrest Ross, but he is still willing to enjoy in the double roles continue to receive private wealth.

In fact, as a double agent, Carle had with another anonymous identity of the hacker threat of Ross.

2013 5, a hacker who use technology to shut down the Silk Road a week, so Ross was forced to turn to the hacker weekly pay $50000 “protection”, to seek a stable operation of the silk road.

But let Ross did not expect that, behind the hacker would have his “friend” Carle’s shadow.

In order to continue to enjoy the extravagant life, Carle even repeatedly police investigation on the Silk Road in revealed to Ross.

Carle’s criminal record, are all recorded in the proposed by him in Iceland established the “Trust Center”.


The extreme freedom of the abyss

We continue to return to Ross as the protagonist of the story.

In 2012, with the passage of time and the accumulation of wealth, Ross gradually revel in his liberal disseminator of identity.

He also founded a Book Club, where readers can freely with the Silk Road community doctrine, discuss the foreseeable future:

Now the government is like history, there is a supreme right of Pharaoh and the slave army.

Ross has been celebrating the Silk Road faith has been at the forefront of the times. He believes that the drug free represents his pursuit of freedom, “thank you very much for your trust, trust and love, we are not care of drugs”.

The members of the club have admired Ross, part of the name of Ross enthusiasts believe, will remain historic characters.

At this time, Ross has become their “free spirit”, and in this missionary doctrine of rendering, so that the Silk Road’s reputation is getting louder.

But Ross may not have been found, the Empire had not had free Utopia, but the criminals gathered, by the drug trade, become an international violence machine.

A user named FriendlyChemist had blackmailed Ross, and then the silk road has been extended out for killing business. So Ross had a high deposit employed a man named Redandwhite of the Hells Angels member, to kill the threat.

This game, Ross played more than once.

But the international game behind the cruel and dark network caused by trafficking than just dark net evil because it is a drop in the bucket, Ross built in the free mission of the Silk Road, lit up the dark net sparks of fire trafficking.

According to Interpol’s report: 2007 years of annual global cross-border trafficking is only 800 thousand, but this data due to the dark and bitcoin ecological prosperity in 2015 years has increased to 8 million.

According to a dark net drug buyers in the bitcoin community posting: “today the dark web, you can often see some pretty girls are trafficked from war-torn countries, they are often priced at less than 300 thousand”. In fact, such a population of tens of millions of countries only Australia, the number of young girls have been missing each year up to tens of thousands of giant.

Although all of these girls will not sell through the dark, but the dark and the rise of bitcoin, but provides information intermediary and cross-border settlement of the convenient door for the population trade.

An analysis of foreign scholars: the reason for the rapid development of human trafficking in the dark net is that in the past 10 years, anti trafficking crime, the world is about 40% of the country very few people have sinned, and even Thailand, India and other countries the military also provides “international care care for trafficking”.

So by bitcoin and dark net trade secret and great benefits, many organizations entered the global rush into danger, the black industry chain.

If there will be a time machine in the world, can let a 2018 people to tell young say “if my death can promote human progress, I will be willing to burn my life,” Ross, today the dark network has become the drugs and violence, trafficking in the heaven.

So, this has opened a “slave” door of man, will continue in 2011 to write “DPR” three letters?

This assumption was in an interview by Ross negative, because Ross thought, from the beginning of bitcoin, DPR is destined to appear, he may not be me, but there is a benefit to the people.

At that time, Ross, in his misshapen liberal dream, he is the master of the dark empire.


The bursting of Utopia

Ross, Carle and Tabell is suffering from extravagance, other departments.

For 2013 years, and many other information in the chat between explore the Silk Road website, forum, Reddit crawler and Silk Road community members, Tabell and his team, still nothing.

Network investigator Tabell

In fact, there are no agents in Tarbell before, is through the “computer crime”. No progress, let Tabell team exhausted.

However, these attacks did not let Tabell give up trying, and insisted on the growing confidence of Ross, was finally rewarded.

2013 years and 5 months of the day, a mysterious user in a post on the Reddit of Ross conducted a warning statement: the Silk Road IP address loopholes, there is a certain possibility that the U.S. Security Council to find the visible computer, and attach the loopholes in the source.

But in 2013 when Ross, as a perennial subject of various warning arrogant character, he did not take this warning in mind.

While Tabell was on the content is quite hard, he successfully locked the cobwebs, 2012 Carle suggested that Ross set up in Iceland core server Trust Center system.

Because of Ross’s ego, in July 21, 2013, when Tabell landed in Iceland, the data center is still preserved on the silk road nearly six months of payment information.

Through these data, Tabell directly locked hidden in the San Francisco Silk Road member Curtis Green.

However, when the San Francisco police went into the Curtis Green home, they found that the DPR founder Curtis Green is not only the Silk Road, and arranged in a DPR Silk Road website customer service staff around the world.

Green does not know who is DPR, so for two weeks, Green was released.

But for absolute safety, Ross did not intend to let the Green, he hired Carle to kill Curtis Green.

Because Green was arrested, Ross, Carle, Tabell, three people were gathered in the Silk Road, finally started a positive confrontation.

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