The developer community into IPFS protocol to Ethernet Fang (bifurcation) key factors of the network

The developer community into IPFS protocol to Ethernet Fang (bifurcation) key factors of the network

Block chain P2P hypermedia protocol based on IPFS, has been officially in the etheric Fang (bifurcation) (ETH) network launched its distributed file storage network. According to the IPFS developer team explained that they had no choice of bitcoin, mainly taking into account the various communities and the innovation and development of Ethernet network square function.

The development team behind the IPFS protocol – Protocol (ProtocolLabs), the first laboratory considering the bitcoin network security and immutability of hitherto unknown to choose, the development of IPFS protocol in the bitcoin network.

The first choice is bitcoin

In the early stages of development, the synergy between the bitcoin network and IPFS protocol, lead to a variety of applications.

The safety of the bitcoin network, awarded the IPFS required immutable infrastructure, and the entire block chain infrastructure based on the agreement means that compared with the existing schemes, it will cost and low bandwidth, so as to achieve more effective implementation. The IPFS development team said, using the P2P method, a large number of data, we can save millions of bandwidth costs.

Transfer to the etheric Fang

However, after recognizing the significant differences between the two network development community in the IPFS development team, they decided to migrate to the IPFS protocol Ethernet network workshop. The IPFS development team, unified and highly running Ethernet network development workshop of the community, is one of the largest network of assets, it will eventually be in many factors on the influence of IPFS agreement.

In a number of IPFS announced the decision, experts, including Cornell University professor and co director of the initc3 EmirGunSirer stressed the importance of a normal operation of the development community.


“A normal operation of the community development value is often underestimated,” EmirGunSirer said.

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