The development of more and more bitcoin by foreign media attention

The development of more and more bitcoin by foreign media attention

Bitcoin prices have been reported recently to more mainstream media.

Bitcoin recently showed the price to be startled at the mainstream media. Encryption currency community of people waiting for bitcoin media reports, but some people don’t want this to happen. Bitcoin like other commodities, supply and demand is the driving force. In the past few weeks, due to the global economic and political factors led to the rising demand for bitcoin. Investors looking for alternative asset demand increases the demand for bitcoins, so that bitcoin prices reached $900.

Before two months, bitcoin prices at around $680. Along with India, Venezuela, Pakistan, Australia, the European Union, Brazil and China monetary system to make adjustments, and the U.S. presidential elections and other factors, bitcoin market environment is also changing, culminating in the recent $910.

Bitcoin prices rose so high that bitcoin market capitalization reached a peak of $14 billion over a period of time. Bitcoin has been the leading international media and national media, including Reuters, Asia News, BusinessInsider, Forbes.

Reuters in its report said, adding bitcoin market is due to the devaluation caused by:

“At the beginning of this year compared to the bitcoin price of US $435, many experts will bitcoin prices and the devaluation of the RMB together. The yuan is down 7% this year.”

The British media BBC that is global political uncertainty, increase the encryption of money demand in countries such as India, and its performance is affected:

“Notes to control the global political uncertainty and the implementation of the India led people to buy bitcoin.”

The British and European referendum and Trump was elected the new president of the United States is also considered BusinessInsider influence factors behind bitcoin prices;

“This year, bitcoin acts as a risk asset, when its price in the UK in June and November Trump elected from Europe rose.”

However, India media bitcoin have a friendly attitude. Since the implementation of monetary policy after the abolition of India (abolished 500 and 1000 bills), bitcoin has greatly increased demand in India. Some India media even directed at bitcoin. India Express mentioned:

“The abolition of monetary policy, the government should do a good job against digital black economic challenges.”

However, there are also some news is not true, they should ensure the authenticity of the facts before release, because they accept false reports may hamper innovation and impact of digital currency.

On the other hand, the recent bitcoin news reports and bitcoin prices also explains the popularity of digital currency had been improved. The mainstream media also began to pay attention to the stock market as concern as bitcoin market. We can foresee the future of bitcoin news will become more and more, at the same time there will be more people to accept it in the whole world.

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