The dog coins — digital currency belongs to the public

The dog coins — digital currency belongs to the public

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. But because of the rise of the dog coins (D), the dog coins became more and more popular in digital currency circle.

Since the first appearance since the dog coins, coin dog image has gradually changed from a copycat and funny image, it becomes a vibrant, the image of love. The reddit/r/dogecoin community has become an active force to be reckoned with. In addition, the dog coins presents itself as a substitute for other digital currencies (bitcoin, Wright currency), is very low barriers to entry.

When the Jamaica sled team need to increase funds to attend the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the dog coins picked up the banner and raised more than $30000 in donations. In addition, the community has raised $30000 for the deoge4water project in Kenya, with its structural wells and maintenance of public project. To provide for the disabled children and dogs trained with regularity. The most widely spread in the community is the NASCAR driver Josh Wise fundraising project, the dog coins donated $55000 to the user, Josh Wise in sponsoring community NASCAR Sprint Cup series.

The dog coins have become the most popular content creators reward exchange media tools and online retail goods. In reddit, Facebook, Twitter and Steam, the user can use prompts the other robots to support community rewards and contributing authors. Developer Nicola Gauvreau MMORPG VoidSpace-a game dogs currency based transactions, in an interview with Deepcor he said: “the dog coins based on digital currency idea is very interesting, friendly, we believe that this ideal is attached to our game.”

He said, the dog coins advantage is low, unlike bitcoin. The dog coins worth far less than a dollar, which makes it more suitable for the game currency, confirm the dog coins much faster than other digital currencies.

The dog money phenomenon has begun to spread in the global internet. China dog coins Association (DCA) director Ceng Shunbin said in an interview with Deepcor:
The popularity of dogs in Chinese has more than money after Wright currency, bitcoin. However, the dog coins in trading platform is very large.” China charitable institutions and enterprises and more and more began to accept the dog coins, such as the warm seasons China charity website etc..

Ceng Shunbin said: “the dog coins like bitcoin so expensive so high barriers to entry, is the dog but it is easy to get cheap money.
Therefore, obviously the dog coins will become ordinary consumers in droves to choose. In Chinese and worldwide, the dog coins have become digital currency in fact.

Data show that the bitcoin transaction confirmation time is 6.51 minutes on average, while the dog coins only need 0.89 minutes; at the time, in twenty-four hours, 11423 people have been dogs currency trading. There are currently 21950 active dogs currency wallet address on the Internet, in addition to above all other digital currency bitcoin. There are D83553830994 in circulation.

Though the dog coins a relatively low price, but it is a small exchange between users of social media to create a perfect atmosphere, and a string of numbers behind the decimal point than bitcoin users are more willing to accept a large number of dog coins.

Hackers have started targeting the dog coins mining operations. He passed to the network storage device of Synology company (NAS) malicious software to profit. Therefore, we can say the dog coins is definitely on the rise trend in various communities, dog support enterprises and content creators, the dog began to accept the money.

The dog began to use coins is very simple, can be easily used by various dog bitcoin community and business support and content creators. However, the dog coins Central Community Reddit/R/dogecoin has a variety of dog currency related projects and community. As a developer of voidspace, Nicholas Gauvreau in an interview with the optimists say, “in the long term, I want to see the dog coins has become one of the three major currency digital currency. I also think that if the enterprise receives a dog coins more people, which promote the dog coins of the overall market circulation, we will bring the dog coins long-term opportunities exist.”

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