The domestic enterprises have begun to hoard a lot of bitcoin

The domestic enterprises have begun to hoard a lot of bitcoin

It is reported that after the WannaCry ransomware attacks the British national health service institutions, some domestic companies began to worry about in the near future may happen. More and more enterprises would not admit that he was damaged in the incident, because it is likely to lose the trust of customers. So, they often choose to pay a ransom to return to normal operation in a short period of time. With the recent ransomware attacks the growth and soaring prices of bitcoin, these companies seem to begin to realize that by hoarding in advance for them in the bitcoin will pay the ransom save a large sum of cash expenditure.

According to the Ministry of defence network director PaulTaylor said, these enterprises have been hoarding bitcoins do a series of preparations, including the staff opened the digital wallet and monitor the price of bitcoin. Many pundits include former FBI consultant and partner of law firm White&Case SteveChabinsky, have confirmed this fact, although these companies are not clear to the public that any related news.

Citrix systems (CitrixSystem) said earlier this year, the average number of at least 500 employees more than 250 enterprises have 23 bitcoin. The strategy seems to be out of such a view: the choice of paying a ransom to cyber criminals, not reported to the police. It will be more simple and direct, and can avoid the event to be disclosed to the public.

Citrix chief security architect ChrisMayers believes that this strategy is likely to bring greater security risks to the enterprise. Cyber criminals can identify the hoarding bitcoin business, and they will be set as the main target. On the other hand, even if the enterprise said to the cyber criminals “surrender” and pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that the data can be restored, which means they may pay a higher price and complex events.

Network security company McAffee chief technology officer RajSamani said, the ransomware attacks, the most effective measures and not to pay the ransom, but to take proactive measures. For example, data backup and keep the system updated. He also added that the enterprise can also through the “denial of extortion software platform (” to restore the data to find the decryption device is suitable, and it is completely free. The platform in July 2016 by Europol, the Kabasiji Laboratory (Europol) and Intel’s IntelSecurity jointly launched, aimed at helping victims of extortion software free data recovery, destruction of network criminal business model.

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