The drama “Silk Road” will be staged in London

nRunaway Commentary: The story of the Silk Road website and its prisoner jail sentence has long been adapted into drama and has been donated by donors in Bitcoin for the Fringe Fringe Festival 2014 in Edinburgh The performance. Today, the work is set to return to the Sky Festivals in London early next year. As bitcoin is gaining more attention, this story is even more worthy of promotion to help people understand this area and trigger deep thinking.n
nTranslation: Inan
Silk Road became the first theater project funded by Bitcoinn
The Silk Road is Alex Oates’s story based on the Silk Road website. He was able to promote his project on multiple Web sites, including Kickstarter. He also advertised to those who had accessed the Silk Road Web site and received donations from two anonymous bitcoin. At that time, a Bitcoin was probably less than $ 400, and now its value has hovered above $ 11,000. According to press reports, Oates “continues to accumulate a current $ 40 million block asset portfolio of cryptocurrencies.”n

Alex Oates was not particularly interested in Bitcoin until he heard about “Silk Road,” but after getting to know the site, the arrest and sentencing of his webmaster inspired Oates to create a story.n
The story of Ross Ulbricht deserves to be told in many different ways. For the mainstream media, this is a story about the use of mysterious currencies on drugs, prohibited websites and contempt of law, some of which are undoubtedly true, but deeper parts of ethics are often overlooked.n
Ulbricht merely linked buyers and sellers without official approval, never personally selling illegal drugs and never bought it. However, the transactions carried out on the Silk Road website involve unauthorized goods and services, some of which are illegal in the eyes of the government.n
This wise and kind young man, in the eyes of others, uses his experience to teach people that if you deal with a non-regulated currency and run a commercial website that is not micromanaged, that’s where you play.n

Drama “Silk Road”n
The protagonist of the Silk Road story is Bruce Blakemore, played by British actor James Baxter. He is a working-class guy from northeast England living with his grandmother. Critics call this story “a series of memorable characters … a bitcoin-generation black comedy.”n
Directed by Dominic Shaw, this drama is “the first ever ever cryptocurrency-funded work,” depicting Bruce’s exploration of the dark world with her grandmother.n
The show will be staged at the Sky Festivals in London from January 24 to January 28, 2018 at the Shrapnel Theater.n

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