The e-commerce giant DMM launched bitcoin mining project

The e-commerce giant DMM launched bitcoin mining project


Along with the electronic commerce and digital services company DMM announced the establishment of a new mineral company, Japan’s currency is becoming more and more popular encryption. This attracted another old enterprise.

Last week, the company said on its website that will begin to test the plan next month. Although the specific date has not been announced, but DMM said that if the trial is successful, it will be completed before the end of this year.

In addition to the mining business outside, DMM also launched its own cloud service ore mining pool, through the sale of the service to the buyer is external force. It is unclear what encryption currency will be excavated, but someone explained that bitcoin and etheric fang.

In addition, although it did not provide details about mining hardware source, also did not disclose its plans to produce how much capacity, but DMM did say it “will become the world’s ten largest mining field” in 2018, and plans to eventually enter the top three.

This is Japan’s second announced in the past week the company established a crypto currency. Another technology company GMO in the last century, was founded in 90s, plans to open a bitcoin mine somewhere in northern Europe and run a cloud computing service.

DMM was founded in 1999, founded by billionaire KeishiKameyama, started in the porn industry, and later extended to a series of electronic commerce and digital service. It is worth noting that, according to the data of 2014, the company also owns a subsidiary company, the subsidiary company is the world’s second largest Forex firm.

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