The etheric Fang (bifurcation) in order to solve the problem of Dos attacks will be the two time hard bifurcation

The etheric Fang (bifurcation) in order to solve the problem of Dos attacks will be the two time hard bifurcation

Now it seems the etheric Fang (bifurcation) in order to solve the problem of Dos attacks had been scheduled to be two times of hard branch.

However, with the earlier to stop the TheDAO attacker of the bifurcation is hard, in order to ensure network security.

Since the end of 9 years, the etheric Fang (bifurcation) network has suffered a massive Dos attack. Although these attacks did not cause any consensus problem, but greatly reduced the speed of the network, the Ethernet Fang funds are forced to hard bifurcation.

What is the cause of a security breach?

One problem is that the attacker can easily and inexpensively (at a very low price “gas”) to establish the intelligent contract forgery, and use these contracts to repeatedly send spam to the network.

Gas is the pricing for the operation within the etheric Fang intelligent transaction or contract.

In the interior of the etheric Fang network, the attacker has a repeated calculation process the same server, which reduces the operating speed of legitimate mining. In this case, the transaction will attack calls a ‘EXTCODESIZE’ operation code, about 50000 times each block.

The etheric Fang (bifurcation) development team tried to implement a series of patch to solve this problem, but still need to take tougher action. This hard to significantly improve the bifurcation of the cost of the attacker’s attack.

In the etheric Fang (bifurcation) blog, Ethernet workshop safety leadership (MartinSwende) wrote Si Wende Martin?:

“Although the recent patch has been successfully promoted the overall elastic client, these attacks that need to make changes to the EVM pricing model of low amplitude.”

EVM is a Ethereumvirtualmachine Ethernet virtual machine Fang abbreviation, and intelligent contract is running on the EVM.

According to Swende, the first bifurcation will enhance the price of gas hard, “in order to better correspond to the underlying computational complexity. Second after the bifurcation of empty accounts introduced by the attacker to remove to reduce the “expansion”.

The first hard fork will be on October 18th, the second time will be in October 25th.

The etheric Fang (the original chain) will be hard bifurcation

Of course, because the etheric Fang (the original chain) and etheric Fang (bifurcation) was originally a chain, so the etheric Fang (the original chain) is also suffering from a similar attack is not what strange. In this regard, the etheric Fang (the original chain) network will conduct a single branch in October 25th, with effect from 2500000th block.

Because the etheric Fang (the original chain) is the key to establish the unchangeable principle in the block chain, ETC bifurcation has to be explained.

EthereumClassic: hard fork change block books chain is bad, hard to provide technical improvement and bifurcation is very good.

But all of the bifurcation is the same as a question of whether. ETC said the bifurcation of the community in order to consolidate the network is no problem, and those carried out in order to rollback transaction branch, such as the TheDAO event, not.

ETC Community Manager CarloVicari wrote on Reddit:

“This Agreement for the improvement of hard bifurcation is consistent with our unchangeable principle.”

Why would anyone attack the etheric Fang?

The reason is that the attacker may want to make money by betting against the market. Because when the attack occurred, the price fell ETH. Vicaro told BTCManager:

“I think the reason why we are not the first attack is the attacker wants to profit by betting against the market. When the attack, ETH prices will fall, then the attacker will be able to make money.”

Carlo for these attacks the attitude is very positive, he said, when a chain is attacked, then the attack was repulsed, so in the long run, the chain will be more powerful.

“I think now this attack and repel it later than happened a little better, because many years later, we will run more different to the center of the APP, doing more different things, if it happens again this attack, that is the real disaster.”

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