The etheric Fang energy startups get block chain energy transfer of patent

The etheric Fang energy startups get block chain energy transfer of patent


The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) awarded the Brook forest block chain startups LO3 patent, the company uses block chain technology to promote the point of energy transfer.

LO3 is one of the blockchain system energy transmission network operation mode of start-ups, mainly with distributed network to improve efficiency, reduce costs.

The founder of LawrenceOrsini and TRC energy services project manager JuliannaYunWei is the inventor, the project was originally submitted to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office in November last year.

The patent was published in October 25th, focusing on “through the use of heat produced by the computation”.

The detailed description of the use of patent blockchain, “confirmed between each other or with other devices on the network trading technology using LO3”.


The patent also further detailed explanation:

The application of distributed computing is Turing complete, can be achieved in a distributed computing network establishment and operation of this network is independent of the network of individual nodes, also can be controlled independently, the safety of computing devices on the network.”

At the beginning of this year, LO3 cooperation and entrepreneurial company ConsenSys, is responsible for a project in New York, the local residents through the sale of surplus power to block chain prototype, the Ethernet network as a distributed mechanism Fang, the sale of electricity through the intelligent contract.

The start-up company is also involved in a project called BrooklynMicrogrid independent initiative, aimed at helping communities more effectively manage the excess energy.

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