The etheric Fang [ETH] version of the client was a new round of attacks

The etheric Fang [ETH] version of the client was a new round of attacks


Obviously, since the outbreak of DAO attacks, ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) war has intensified.

Continuously attacks that ETH network is very fragile.

This address is used before (spamattack – 0x3898d7580aa5b8ad8a56fcd7f7af690e97112419, leading to the platform can not run normally by sending large amounts of spam), is to create 30 contracts per minute speed continuous operation, has created more than 1000 new contracts.

The end of last month was also attacked ETH.

All these indicate that ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) this intelligent contract platform is so fragile, unable to resist the attack.

Experts had expected, the attack will be exposed sooner or later ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) weakness.

ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) client just repaired, and the name of “me” banner, but immediately under attack. It’s ironic.

This is called it?

The new version of the 1.4.15 Geth client “me” to fix the recent and sophisticated DoS attacks!

Yes, “come to me” the client is just a release on the attack.

“Come for me”…… Well done you!

ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) community once sought after high complexity has become its fatal weakness?

In fact, ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) in solving DAO events after the split, each client repair or update there have been all kinds of trouble.

This intelligent platform developers contract “database” fee is $250 thousand a month, but still can not guarantee its normal operation 100%.

Users and investors need to constantly update and repair of the client, even the use of simple purse or contract, to master certain techniques.

For those who intend to hold the ETH users, the constant attack was like a nightmare, for they caused great pressure.

In short, ETH (Ethernet Fang bifurcation) intelligent platform contract is still unable to ensure the normal operation of the network.

The following is part of the exchange of tweets.

All kinds of ETH assets is offline. We are dealing with Ethernet network Fang spamattack, will return to normal as soon as possible.

To solve the problem before the ETH team, ETH recharge and withdrawals will be slow.

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