The etheric Fang Geth node crashes, developers repair Bug

The etheric Fang Geth node crashes, developers repair Bug

Today morning, Fang Geth client running the etheric miners found, collapse suddenly appeared with the running of the node, the founder of F2Pool, said in a personal God fish on micro-blog:

Soon, the developer and co-founder of JeffreyWilcke Ethernet Fang in the etheric Fang official blog issued a security warning:

Security alert

The affected client: Geth

The possibility that high

High severity:

Summary: in the 2283416th block, the geth node of memory, and the occurrence of collapse

Detailed information: TBD

This event also led to Ethernet (ETH) currency trading market temporary panic selling, the price from the highest 0.0214btc (87 yuan) to 0.019669btc (80 yuan).

In Shanghai the etheric Fang team of developers, but also attach great importance to this vulnerability, a number of developers at the conference room of media rush to solve this problem.

About eight hours ago, Fang development team announced the Ethernet Geth1.4.12 client that fixes this vulnerability, it also suggested that the affected users should update as soon as possible, the official download links as follows:


As of press time, Ethernet (ETH) currency price has recovered to 0.0211btc (85 yuan).

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