The EU financial regulatory official: bitcoin gained attention

The EU financial regulatory official: bitcoin gained attention

The European Commission, the EU permanent executive institutions is to pay close attention to bitcoin market. According to reports, the Committee urged the EU banking and market regulators issued a risk warning to investors.

Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, vice president of the European Commission VardisDombrovskis bitcoin price volatility expressed “concern”. VardisDombrovskis is actually responsible for the European financial stability, financial services and capital market alliance financial supervision supervisor, he said, bitcoin has received close attention to the authorities.

Reuters reported its comments:

“In recent weeks, bitcoin has been highly concerned about our. For investors and consumers, which existed risks associated with obvious price fluctuations, including investment losses, all operations and security vulnerabilities, market manipulation risk and debt gap.”

“Financial Times” reported that VardisDombrovskis not only in the public forum issued such comments, but also to the EU banking and market regulators issued a letter urging the adoption of risk warning bitcoin related investment encryption currency.

Specifically, the Dombrovskis letter sent to people, responsible for the three EU regulators that the European Banking authority (EBA); the European insurance and occupation pension management bureau (EIOPA); the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Dombrovskis further added to the reporter:

“You know, the value of bitcoin is not affected by any country or the issuer of the security… Investors should be aware that the price can fall. And other virtual currency bitcoin is not money in the true sense.”

So before the news reports, the European Commission proposed strict encryption currency in July 2016, will promote the legislation of anti money laundering directive (AMLD) within the scope of the digital currency exchange and wallet providers included. The actuator also proposes to use central database to store the encryption and currency bitcoin’s identity.

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