The EU will introduce anti-terrorism anti money laundering law, bitcoin in the proposal

The EU will introduce anti-terrorism anti money laundering law, bitcoin in the proposal

EST on July 5th, the European Commission for bitcoin and prepaid cards launched a new anti money laundering regulations proposal, exposure to stage combat terrorist attacks in Paris and Panama \ terrorist money laundering and tax evasion and other issues.

Last November 13th’s terrorist attacks on Paris practice, terrorists have to use a prepaid card. In order to prevent similar incidents in the European Commission released a new anti money laundering bill. The intent of the resolution to improve the national bank account supervision and trust ownership transparency, strengthen the information sharing among European financial think tank, so as to realize the real-time monitoring of suspicious transactions.

The proposal shall not rechargeable prepaid card recharge threshold will be from the original 250 euros down to 150 euros, and led to the virtual currency bitcoin will be included in the anti money laundering law at the same time, a virtual currency platform will need to verify the user’s identity and virtual currency transaction monitoring.

If the proposal is passed, the EU Member States will require the central centralism registration center to cover all the bank and the account owner information. When a suspicious event occurs, the national authorities will obtain relevant information through the registration center. The European Commission Chairman FransTimmermans said: “the terrorists this proposal will help the government to track hidden money to implement criminal activities. Members can share key messages to each other, for example, who is the real owner, a trust fund who is implementing online transactions and use prepaid cards.” If the vote, the bill will come into effect at the end of this year.

At the same time the system loopholes for tax evasion, the Commission has put forward the corresponding proposal. The bill would give the tax institutions to obtain information on anti money laundering rights, and strengthen the supervision of automatic transaction information to the company and trust among the owners, in order to solve the problem of tax evasion by Off Shore Company. In addition, the proposal also strengthened the tax consultant to audit, improve the legal protection for whistleblowers.

At present, the EU is the establishment of a regional regulations do not comply with the EU tax institutions blacklist institutions on the list will be subject to sanctions. The EU said: “I hope to strike the three radical tax system through the establishment of the blacklist.”

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