The European central bank executives: the EU must consider the regulatory bitcoin

The European central bank executives: the EU must consider the regulatory bitcoin


According to foreign media reports, the European Central Bank’s rate setters Ewald Novotny (EwaldNowotny) said on Monday that the EU must consider the supervision of bitcoin, to prevent money laundering and crash risk.

At present, the digital currency price is $1000 from the beginning of this year rose to $more than 16000, in the United States on Sunday after the launch of its futures rose more than 20% to $18700.

The sharp rise of the price of the real value of bitcoin caused many people questioned, and worry about the possibility of a bubble. But central bankers worry that, if it has not been subject to regulatory market crash, they will be blamed.

“Just because the bitcoin market scale, it is necessary for us to discuss whether to carry on the supervision and regulation of the form,” at the same time as the governor of the Central Bank of Austria Nowotny said.

“A special need to discuss is the anti money laundering law is applicable to bitcoin,” he told a press conference that.

He said that even small banks will be subject to strict control of money laundering, so there is no reason to trade larger bitcoin laissez faire, although this is more than the EU is the problem of the European Central bank.

Nowotny said, compared with the traditional currency bitcoin market is still smaller, which means that the problem is not it will threaten the current monetary system.

Nowotny told reporters, although there is no reliable data to prove, but Austria seems to attract sales bitcoin companies in the country to settle down, because in the local are more likely to receive a licence to operate.

With bitcoin prices triggered more and more attention, regulators and officials in many countries in recent bitcoin criticized or calls for regulation.

Last month, South Korean Prime Minister Li Luoyuan has criticized the digital currency, said it caused many teenagers and drug crimes in mlm.

He said that the South Korean students rushed into the fiery bitcoin market to make quick money, which led some people into the crime of fraud.

“If we left unchecked, may lead to a very serious problem,” he said, and said South Korea digital currency exchange trading volume has exceeded the country’s Kosdaq small cap index.

According to sources revealed the day before, South Korea’s Financial Services Commission has issued a directive, it is prohibited to engage in the bitcoin futures trading in securities company.

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