The European Commission: we will not bitcoin regulatory

The European Commission: we will not bitcoin regulatory


A senior EU official denied the EU regulatory bitcoin exchange market and speculation.

In an interview with Bloomberg, EU economic, financial, tax and Customs Commissioner Moscovici (PierreMoscovici) randomly mentioned within the EU regulatory bitcoin topic, also said the EU views on digital currency.

He will be compared to the world’s first digital currency euro currency in Europe, “at this stage, we do not believe that bitcoin is offbeat currency”.

2012-2014 years of former French finance minister Moss who said, “we see a lot of speculation about it”.

He referred to the former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan (AlanGreenspan) said, “bitcoin is indeed human create fascinating case” value, just think it is irrational money.

It is worth noting that Moss’s then confirmed the EU does research in bitcoin, but did not advance any European market and regulatory bitcoin exchange monitoring. At least not yet.

“We are concerned about bitcoin, analysis of its foundation, but we don’t think it needs as political and technical institutions to respond”.

When asked whether the EU is clear with European regulators to discuss the introduction of digital currency regulatory framework, he stressed that “no, we didn’t have these conversations at present”.

Surprisingly, the EU official speech with the executive arm of the European Union Financial stability, financial services, capital market vice president ValdisDombrovskis’s words contrast.

Domrovskis last week in the public press conference, told reporters: “in recent weeks, we have to pay more attention to bitcoin”.

Allegedly, he also told the EU banks and market regulators to send letters, urging them to a digital currency investment risk warning.

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