The failure of Haval H6 airbags to pop up was caused by software upgrade during collision; Wei Lai said that there was no bitcoin car purchase scheme; Beijing lottery new policy will be implemented tomorrow, and families without cars will transfer multiple cars and so on, they will start to apply for intelligent driving evening news

Extract the daily important news, from the perspective of science and technology, geek spirit, excavate the key points and explore more. Editor: autor Zhijia Zhijia Xiaolang Jun: the investigation results of abnormal side impact of Haval H6 due to software upgrade On December 31, Great Wall Motors and China automobile center jointly held a press conference to issue a joint investigation statement on the abnormal event of Haval H6 side impact, and publicized the investigation results of abnormal side impact test. Great Wall Motor said that the abnormal problem in this test was due to the manual operation during the preparation of side impact test to upgrade some software functions of the system. There was a stage of power code writing. At this time, the power supply of some parts of the whole vehicle was in a power-off state, which led to the power failure of the airbag controller. Therefore, the side airbag and side air curtain could not be opened normally during the collision. Weilai statement: Weilai has never had a “bitcoin car purchase” scheme On December 31, GAC Weilai announced on its official microblog that it was the first auto company in China to accept bitcoin payment for car purchase. Subsequently, GAC Weilai revised its statement by changing “bitcoin” to “digital currency”, thus becoming the first auto enterprise in China to accept digital currency to pay for car purchase. At present, GAC Weilai’s microblog about “accepting digital currency to pay for car purchase” has been deleted. Since then, Weilai announced on its official microblog that Weilai has never had a “bitcoin car purchase” program. GAC Weilai app customer service told the media, “after confirmation by relevant departments, digital currency payment channels will be added in the future according to the actual situation. Please pay attention to the official channel publicity for specific details.” Beijing’s new lottery deal was implemented on the 1st, and the application for car less families and multi car transfer began Beijing lottery new policy will be implemented from tomorrow! Families without cars and transfer of multiple vehicles began to declare. The new policy of regulating the number of passenger cars in Beijing will be formally implemented on January 1, 2021. From January 1 to March 8 is the time for the indicator applicant to fill in and submit the application. During this period, businesses such as “car free family” application index, application for change of registered vehicle between husband and wife, and application for transfer of registered vehicle to relatives by car owners with more than one person can be declared through the designated website, with a declaration period of up to 67 days. According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Transportation Commission, the time of business declaration is basically not related to whether the indicators can be obtained or not, and the time for completing the vehicle change registration or transfer registration is basically not related, so the applicants do not need to rush to report. FAW Volkswagen produces more than 2.07 million vehicles per year On December 30, the 2077777 vehicle of FAW Volkswagen in 2020, the new Volkswagen CC hunting edition, was officially offline in Changchun base. FAW Volkswagen, which produces more than 2.07 million vehicles a year, has also become the only passenger car enterprise with an annual output of more than 2 million vehicles. In addition, FAW-VW Changchun base’s 10 million engine has been officially offline. Ministry of transport: Guidance on promoting the development and application of road traffic automatic driving technology On December 30, the Ministry of transport released guidance on promoting the development and application of road traffic automatic driving technology. The goal is to make positive progress in the basic theoretical research of automatic driving, make important breakthroughs in the research and development of key technologies and products such as intelligent road infrastructure and vehicle road coordination, and introduce a number of basic and key technologies in automatic driving by 2025 A number of national automatic driving test bases and pilot application demonstration projects will be built to realize large-scale application in some scenarios, and promote the industrialization of automatic driving technology. Tesla’s world’s largest 72 super charging stations were launched today, and 5000 in mainland China were completed On December 31, Tesla’s world’s largest super charging station, Shanghai Jing’an International Center super charging station with 72 piles, was officially launched. After the completion of the new station, it is across the river from the world’s largest super charging station of Dingxiang International Center in Pudong. The two super large Tesla super charging stations can serve users in Pudong and Puxi at the same time, reducing charging anxiety. The pre-sale price of Chang’an e-star national edition starts from 29800 yuan On December 30, Chang’an gallop e-star national edition was officially opened for pre-sale, with the pre-sale price starting from 29800 yuan. The new car offers two versions of lithium iron phosphate and lithium ternary battery for consumers to choose from. The NEDC has a range of 301 km. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous drive motor, the maximum power is 55kW, the peak torque is 170n · m, 0-50km / h. Tesla Model 3 “brake failure” accelerates into the hotel lobby On December 30, a Tesla Model 3 in Hangzhou left the parking lot opposite a local hotel, ran into the hotel directly, then collided with another Tesla parked on the road, and finally burst into the lobby. Hangzhou local media Qianjiang Evening News reported that after leaving the parking lot, the driver felt that the car suddenly accelerated and the brake failed. He failed to buffer with a tree basin at the door of the hotel and finally rushed into the hotel lobby. He said the accident vehicle he was driving was also a new car purchased in October this year. Tesla officials have yet to respond to the incident and related comments. Volvo xc40 pure electric car running version will be launched in March 2021 A few days ago, we learned from overseas media that Volvo will launch a new pure electric SUV in March next year (2021). The car is based on Volvo xc40 reclaime. The biggest highlight is the body shape with slip back on the side, which will also become the first sedan SUV under Volvo. In addition, the new car is expected to be launched in September next year (2021). In terms of power, the new car is expected to continue to use the power assembly of Volvo xc40 recharge. With reference to the power parameters of the car or equipped with front and rear dual motor system, the maximum power is 300 kW, the peak torque is 660 n · m, and the acceleration time is 4.9 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h. In terms of endurance, the new car will be equipped with 78kwh battery pack, and the driving range under wltp standard is 420 km. State Grid Beijing charging pile will automatically cut off the charge and settle the settlement to prevent the battery from spontaneous combustion when charging to 95% Recently, the State Grid (Beijing) New Energy Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. announced that for DC charging facilities, after trickle charging to 95% of SOC, it will automatically stop and settle accounts, so as to solve the problem that when new energy vehicles are overcharged, the vehicle charging management system (BMS) does not automatically cut off the charge, resulting in the formation of crystals inside the battery, breaking through the positive and negative separator, and causing the power battery short circuit and fire. In order to reduce the risk of spontaneous combustion of power battery after the charging of charging facilities, the company is gradually upgrading the core control program of charging facilities of State Grid Beijing electric power company. Geely Auto will restart the discussion of merger and reorganization with Volvo after landing on the science and technology innovation board Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Group, said in his new year’s speech that Geely will restart the discussion of merger and reorganization with Volvo after landing on the scientific and technological innovation board, or seek closer cooperation between the two sides.

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