The FairWare ransomware attacks Linux, delete the user server file, for 2BTC users to ransom

The FairWare ransomware attacks Linux, delete the user server file, for 2BTC users to ransom

If you run a Linux running on the Web server, if you haven’t update the system, so we are here to give you a bit of excitement. A FairWare ransomware is found, you will soon see that this ransomware name is how ironic, it is not “Fair (fair).

There were reports of users suffered this disgusting malware, however, now it seems it is unclear how infection occurs. It is unclear whether this is a sort of automatic attack, this model will scan the Internet and can find large-scale infection place — or the attack targeted. Either way, if you encounter this ransomware, then this is not for you, what a good day.

Once infected, you will find that you can’t operate the web site. You in the server on the network folder will be deleted, and there will be a readme file to recommend to you a PasteBin file, the file will explain to you what happened. Requirements: users need to specify a bitcoin address to send 2BTC (about $1150), or the file will be leaked to the Internet the risk exists.

In the former case, this threat will cause some trouble, but few will be able to succeed. Unfortunately, this attack is bound to affect those who do not have the best backup plan of people. If a good backup, then this means that this extortion almost will not affect the server owner: they can install a new operating system, development and recovery from backup monitor. This than to thieves (and these people may not really have your data) $1150 is much better.

If FairWare continues to affect more servers, we are sure to learn how it is and how to repair the infected server. However, this thing told us once again that should pay attention to the backup. If you don’t know how to set up a good, reliable backup plan, you’d better know about Google, or ask the people. You can’t put yourself in a need for your data ransom risk situation.

In addition, it is also good to remind us to keep the server update, update time is longer, then the possibility of your server is compromised is higher.

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