The famous bitcoin wallet Armory light that it does not support the BU bifurcation hard

The famous bitcoin wallet Armory light that it does not support the BU bifurcation hard

Non mining companies are increasingly hard against the BitcoinUnlimited bifurcation plan, bitcoin wallet Armory published his views and plans at this juncture.

The top bitcoin company almost all in the selected camp and prepare the emergency plan, the Armory claimed to be the most secure bitcoin wallet is no exception, it chose to support BitcoinCore and expressly does not support BitcoinUnlimited.

Armory said, will not support any controversial hard bifurcation (such as BU), and will continue to support the isolation of witness (Segwit) and BC.

However, this does not mean that Armory has the ability to stop people from using BU. If the basic structure of BC and BU are the same, Armory can connect to BU.

Depending on the connection and operation of the local node Armory bitcoin wallet software, it has never been performed consistent review. This node is usually BC (any node based on BC can also be run, such as the BU). So in case of hard bifurcation, as long as the transaction or block form without any change, then Armory can be hard with the bifurcation and allows the user to docking, trading in the bifurcation of the network.

Armory in this update, given more information, such as how to interact with BU chain, how in the environment and how to deal the bifurcation only in a chain of “tarnished” your money.

Against the coming wave of BU

More and more enterprises (mostly from mining community) against BU’s hard bifurcation plan. Bitbank, Bitfinex, Bitonic, Bitso, Bitstamp, Bitsquare, BTCChina, Bitt, Bittrex, CoincheckandCoinfloor, Kraken (Japan), QuadrigaCX (Canada), Ripio, Shapshift, Zaif, TheRockTrading, Poloniex and BitMEX launched a joint statement in support of BitcoinCore. BitGo also stood on the opposite side of BU.

The world’s largest provider of Coinbase bitcoin wallet has not signed this statement, the administration said,

Coinbase did not sign the statement, the statement is because we believe that the intention behind is wrong. Although it seems on the surface to avoid replay attacks against a hard discussion of how to deal with the exchange of bifurcation and BU requirements. But in fact, (we found) it is a blatant deception, to Core software activities linked with BTC. We feel that many people are not aware of the signature of this point.

Supporters of BU here.

Even if the situation occurs, some companies will still choose neutral. The big miners expressed support for BU, including RogerVer, BTC.TOP, ViaBTC, ant pool (AntPool) and SlushPool. Keys4Coins for BU can bring very interested.

Keys4Coins hopes to build a larger bitcoin block in the world. At present, the BU just to meet this. The miners, come and join the BU. BU will be the best choice for all bitcoin users and shops. Do you want a bigger block, to support BU!

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