The famous non-profit educational institutions to accept bitcoin donations khanacademy

The famous non-profit educational institutions to accept bitcoin donations khanacademy

By the Americans, Salman Khan Graduate School of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University in 2006 founded a non-profit educational organization (Khan Academy) Khan Academy has accepted bitcoin donations.

The agency provides a series of free textbooks through the network, at Youtube contains more than 5600 teaching films, covering mathematics, history, health and medical, financial, physical, chemical, biological, astronomy, economics, cosmology, organic chemistry, American citizenship education, art history, macro economics, micro economics and computer science.

Khan Academy taking advantage of convenient and video network transmission reuse characteristics and low cost. Each section of the film course length of about ten minutes, starting from the most basic content, from easy to difficult way to advanced mutual cohesion. The teaching I do not appear in the film, with an electronic blackboard system.

The business has been recognized by more and more social. In 2009, “Khan” was awarded the “Microsoft Technology Award” in education award. He himself became the object of media attention. The material support, let the free site more active. On the one hand, because of the teaching video hits high, Khan will receive a monthly $2000 from the YouTube website (about 13 thousand yuan) into advertising. On the other hand, many students will spontaneously give him money, from a few to ten thousand or twenty thousand dollars. According to reports, the famous American venture capitalists Dole and his wife, had donated his $100 thousand. In 2010, “Khan” has received two important contributions: one is Mrs. Bill Gate Charitable Foundation donated $5 million, another $2 million is sponsored by the Google Corporation. With the money, Khan will existing video translated into Spanish, French, Russian, Chinese and so on more than 10 languages, and hired some assistant.

A large number of donations coming, means that Khan was sure. Bill Gate said that the success of Khan “incredible”: “I and the children often use” Khan “. 他是一个先锋,他借助技术手段,帮助大众获取知识、认清自己的位置,这简直引领了一场革命。”

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