The father of bitcoin Nakamoto who is?

The father of bitcoin Nakamoto who is?

About the founder of bitcoin speculation has been rampant, but there is not a clear answer. Since bitcoin has become more hot, more and more people on this mysterious figure is full of interest. Some people think that the “SatoshiNakamoto” (Nakamoto) is a pseudonym, but some people believe that Nakamoto is a real god.

But how exactly the truth, in the Cong he did not stand out confirmed before, who can not guess this hidden behind the scenes of the great talent who is.

Nakamoto So created bitcoin

Nakamoto (English: SatoshiNakamoto), the Japanese media often translated in the history of philosophy, is the bitcoin protocol and related software Bitcoin-Qt creator.

In 2008 he published an article entitled “bitcoin: electronic cash system with a point to point” (Bitcoin:APeer-to-PeerElectronicCashSystem) the paper describes a called “electronic currency bitcoin and its algorithm”.

In 2009, he released the first bitcoin software, and officially launched the bitcoin financial system.

In 2010, he will gradually fade out and handed over the project to other members of the bitcoin community.

Nakamoto allegedly holds about one million bitcoin. These coins at the end of 2013 when the value of more than $one billion.

Take that Nakamoto

From the papers published since, Nakamoto’s true identity is not known to the outside world over a long period of time, until May 2, 2016, the Australian entrepreneur Craig Stephen White publicly acknowledged that he was the inventor of bitcoin nakamoto. This is the first time anyone publicly admitted Nakamoto’s identity.

BBC published and his interview segment, Craig claimed that he was the inventor of bitcoin. But the authenticity of Craig’s statement and evidence has been widely questioned. To request a demo key evidence in the final stage, Craig refused and released a Gu around his blog. This behavior is regarded as Craig gave up since the card Nakamoto opportunity.

Nakamoto So may not be alone

Nakamoto So rarely reveal their true information. In the P2P foundation website personal information, he claimed to be a 37 year old man living in japan. However, this point is widely suspected. His mother tongue writing English as skillful authentic, never used japanese. With his name in the online search, can not find any information related to this person. Of all the signs, Nakamoto is probably a fictional identity.

Nakamoto So in his speech and procedures sometimes switch between British and American English, and were in different time on the line all day long speech, which shows him or is intended to conceal their nationality and time zones, or behind the manipulation of multiple accounts.

However, based on the analysis of language habits and the statistics of time, some people think he is a living in the western and central United States British or irish. Once in the bitcoin core development team LaszloHanyecz is that its algorithm design is too sophisticated, that is not a person can complete single-handed.

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