The first bitcoin ATM Kosovo by central bank warned

The first bitcoin ATM Kosovo by central bank warned

Despite the country’s central bank warned that a private enterprises in Kosovo are still to install its first bitcoin ATM (ATM).

According to BalkanInsight reports, the ATM is expected to be installed in the central area of the country’s capital Pristina. This machine is operated by AlbvisionLtd IT company, will support bitcoin transactions, and will support 10 other encryption currency.

The company also plans to install bitcoin ATM for two other countries in the Balkan region of the city of Albania: Tirana and the Republic of Macedonia Skopje.

However, such an installation decision by the financial regulatory agencies of the country concerned. Regulators stressed that due to the lack of supervision of the local currency, the lack of encryption for consumer protection.

A statement pointed out that the Central Bank of Kosovo:

“We inform all potential users of virtual currency, in the territory of the Republic of Kosovo, no relevant institutions to guarantee the repayment of capital loss.”

At the same time, technology enthusiasts also came to the front of the incident.

They think in the declaration of independence to the media reported that, through public education and to accelerate national technology supervision classification, is better able to reduce the risk of the way.

The local bitcoin company Bitsapphire chief operating officer ValmirHazeri said:

“The risk is the same, if the user does not know how to use it, you could lose money. But this ATM will create the possibility of bitcoin has more users. The biggest risk is that do not know how to use it. “

Hazeri continued to urge local regulators to take measures to open about possible legal harmonic conversation in this industry.

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