The first bitcoin ATM machine in New York are available under the East

The first bitcoin ATM machine in New York are available under the East

The CoinSource BTM operator safety in November 23rd in the busiest street in New York opened the first bitcoin ATM.

Check the latest BTM can now be 7 days a week, from 10:00 in the morning until 3 in the morning, it is located in the West Midlands 61 Avenue, between Eldridge street and Alan street in the West Midlands N&N store.

“CoinSource is pleased to expand our network in the West Midlands 61 East,” says SheffieldClark CoinSource managing partner. “We are honored to provide New York access fee bitcoin ATM machine is low and safe. Safety standard CoinSource machine to adhere to the frontier and to use bitcoin mobile wallet instantaneous transmission convenience,.”

Authorized by the BTM operator CoinSource has submitted an application to the New York BitLicense. In addition, the company from San Diego to Las Vegas to New York has a number of BTM.

According to SheffieldClark, including the new BTM, at present, in the center of New York Manhattan a total of only 9 bitcoin ATM machine. There are about 15 bitcoin ATM machine in the five District of New York city. Before the launch of the new machine in the CoinSource today, there is a machine in Manhattan, in the Staten island ferry. E1f4585ef4c3710f5212ac7d3ae24c42

SheffieldClark and CoinTelegraph talk about:

“CoinSource is looking forward to the installation of the new machine in Palo Alto, Dallas, this will be our first choice of market. In addition, we will take Las Vegas as our second mounting points. All of these resettlement scheduled for early December, “SheffieldClark said. “We have a positive development strategy in the coming year.”

On the lower east side of CoinSourceBTM provides an option to buy bitcoin for customers, the fee is 7%, buyers and large capacity will reduce the cost of customer access level.

SheffieldClark continued:

“The next step we plan to introduce additional functions, will further improve the overall customer experience. Our main purpose is to provide no loopholes, low cost transaction experience for customers.”

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