The first bitcoin ATM while carrying out digital currency regulation

The first bitcoin ATM while carrying out digital currency regulation

Gibraltar’s first bitcoin ATM machine has been successfully installed. The south coast of Spain’s European tax havens has carried out a number of bitcoin business, the local government is currently formulating the regulatory framework for the digital currency.

The first BTM of Gibraltar.

The first bitcoin ATM Gibraltar (BitcoinATM, referred to as BTM) the reception is installed in the Gibraltar Trade Center, announced last week. The British overseas territory located in the southern coast of Spain, by the end of 2016, approximately 34408 of the population. The BTM at the same time, Gibraltar accept sterling pounds and euro bonds, trade center responsible person said:

In the work and life of the people and tourists can now buy digital currency by cash and Mobile Phone Wallet APP. At present, GBP, GIP and BTM to accept Euro bonds, so the user can purchase a small part of the bitcoin, the minimum acceptable 10 pounds or 10 euros.

According to reports, the “Gibraltar Chronicle” machine is bitcoin enthusiasts LudekSafranek privately owned.

He said:

I contacted the world trade center, asked whether I can install the first bitcoin ATM in gibraltar. A few weeks ago Malta installed a similar machine, so I think it is time to do the installation in gibraltar. I think this is the perfect place to the first BTM machine.

The website Coinatmradar records BTM location tracking shows that the one-way BTM is currently the only BTM of gibraltar. To buy bitcoin will cost $4.3%, with website said, will soon join the new digital currency, “Altcoins”.

Gibraltar attract digital currency companies

The world trade center a company owned by DanThompson, named Supernatural health food restaurants have begun to accept bitcoin. He said that he is the first retail companies to accept bitcoin payments in local. He said: “we hope that through our efforts, to enhance our awareness, and encourage other retailers and customers have begun to use the money.”


According to the street newspaper reported in detail, more and more digital currency company is transferred to gibraltar. This is because the preferential tax policy in this area very attractive and relatively lax laws and regulations.

July 2016, approved by the Gibraltar stock exchange a ETI currency exchange listed on GSX. The bitcoin exclusive exchange also at Deutsche Bank (DeutscheB? RSE) listed.

Government planning digital currency legal framework

The government issued a consultation paper on digital currency regulation in January 2016. From then on, discuss the regulatory framework regarding the encrypted digital currency business has been.

In May, the government issued a document, including digital currency related business regulatory proposals. And held in Gibraltar university digital currency summit conducted a comprehensive public consultation. These include the 1989 “financial services (vote Zihexin.) the relevant provisions of the law” was amended, the implementation of the recommendations of the date no later than January 1, 2018. The document also said, “there are several related enterprise encryption digital currency has begun operation. “

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