The first bitcoin investment fund was approved in the UK Stock Exchange listed

The first bitcoin investment fund was approved in the UK Stock Exchange listed


The British Channel Islands have approved the first global consulting bitcoin Investment Fund (GABI), has become the world’s first listed and subject to the supervision of bitcoin fund.

GABI was founded in 2014, is the first product of global consulting firm, the company after the release of COINXBT and COINXBE, they are also listed on the NASDAQ in Sweden for the first time.

The fund will be in the Channel Islands Stock Exchange (CISE) trading.

GABI: now is the right time to invest in bitcoin

“The time is right,” the global consulting company responsible for DanielMasters in a press release today commented:

“Bitcoin is currently worth more than 12 billion 400 million dollars, but also the history of the highest market value of about 16 million bitcoin hair. Bitcoin is a digital currency mainstream, in the global M1 total amount of money in circulation was 73.”

He added the potential value of the recent analysis shows that by 2026 the 8 times will make the ranking changes.

GABI is sponsored by the local company Verras professional services company, the general manager of JonathanBale expert is an alternative to the Law Corporation’s assets, which help the fund market successfully.

This exchange can not only increase the fund’s reputation, Bale said, but also indicate the exchange to the fund supervision, due diligence and supervision.

“It also shows that the global consulting firm has invested a lot of effort to provide reliable products,” he added.

Europe is also increasing interest in bitcoin

The Fund released two years ago when the first is subject to the supervision of bitcoin fund. Masters comments:

“GABI today listed on the CISE exchange also shows that since our first regulated bitcoin fund GABI released 2 years of achievements, bitcoin as innovative global currency plays for investors, it is also an important, not related to asset classes.”

However, bitcoin investment tools competition is far from over.

Earlier this year, the British territory of Gibraltar released the first bitcoin exchange traded instruments. Also became the first in Europe under the supervision of the bitcoin tool in Gibraltar and the stock exchange of the German stock exchange.

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