The first Chinese village block chain innovation alliance was established in Wenchang

The first Chinese village block chain innovation alliance was established in Wenchang


In November 6, 2016, Chinese first block chain alliance special government support was set up and the formation of “Datong blockchain laboratory” and “Datong blockchain innovation center, block chain Datong, Shanxi to contribute together to create a new situation of the development of science and technology innovation and transformation. Not long ago, the “Guiyang block chain development and application of” white paper release represents the development block chain “local declaration”. From Shanxi, Guiyang in the industry layout, block chain technology is no longer a deep North City patent, from the central to local governments in this industry to turn out more and more innovative, and block chain development has now extended to the village.

Just yesterday, the first Chinese village global business block chain innovation alliance was established in the village of Wenchang City Lou Zhen good st..

The alliance is in support of Wenchang Municipal People’s government, China Aerospace Research Institute, Chinese Aerospace Industry Development Research Center, Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group, Chinese Song Qingling Youth Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Center, 25 research institutions and enterprises, industry organizations launched a joint initiative, this is the first China village block chain innovation alliance.

Block chain innovation alliance in Wenchang was established, will accelerate the blockchain technological achievements of the industrialization process, promote the popularization and application of block chain technology in Wenchang in various fields of social economic construction, realize the village as a unit block implementation according to the law management; through the innovation space, to achieve output value, create efficient supply.

The first Chinese village block chain innovation alliance was established in Wenchang

Wang Bridge

Deputy Secretary of Wenchang Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Xiaoqiao believes that the first China village block chain innovation alliance, in good ST Aerospace Science and technology well-off village in Wenchang city of great significance, high benchmark. The alliance will aggregate talent and resources to develop the field of village block chain, aerospace science and engineering, green financial innovation, the development of smart energy, big data, Internet, networking, cultural tourism, health care, medical education and other industrial chain blocks, providing opportunities and technical support for the realization of Wenchang new rural transformation development, is another effective measure Wenchang is also based on innovation driven transformation and development of the road.

Then, Chinese planting demonstration base of young MSI hit off the camp, Chinese space breeding of vegetables, will be gradually settled in good village of st..

Widely used in the rapid development of information technology, innovation and technology today, to block chain technology as the basis, the integration of cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and a series of new information technology, will promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, networking, supply chain management, digital asset trading in areas such as integrated development. The blockchain will quickly penetrate into much-needed transformation and development of local city, more important is it to better fit the chairman Xi Jinping in January 17th to participate in the Davos forum of “globalization project”.

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