The first planet | according to user level dividend exchange, Softbank crebe $ten million A round of financing

The daily planet Odaily was informed that the science and technology financial platform crebe announced today, in this year 8 month (SBI) obtained from Softbank’s China fund tens of millions of dollars A round of financing. The financing is completed, the funds will be mainly used for product development, user value-added system build, market operation etc..

Crebe founder Alex crebe said, will develop from the three dimensions of the current stage, has landed 1, namely crebe exchange; 2 is the social and financial transactions combining elements of social financial system, is expected to May 2019 landing; by the end of 2020 will open 3 crebe credit contract public chain.

It is understood that the crebe exchange has begun beta in November 26th, will be on-line in December 20th, BTC, ETH, USDT exchange launched three major currency and coin platform (CT) and the three major currency transaction. There are 100 thousand registered users, of which 5000 daily active users, the team is expected to officially launched after the peak number of transactions will exceed 500 thousand.

Crebe trading platform for the introduction of user rating system, through the trading of active users upgrade to quantify the behavior, form a value system based on user contributions, referred to as the “level of dividends, the higher the level of user accounts, the more valuable, every 24 hours a bonus.

Crebe founder Alex said Level of dividends, allowing users to really feel their interests is one of the main embodiment of the competitiveness of the trading platform He believes that most of the trading platform, will choose to destroy the currency but not real platform to provide users with related rights and interests, and has mature operation of exchange is very difficult to overturn the reconstruction of existing business model implementation of dividends mechanism.

 The first planet | according to user level dividend exchange, Softbank crebe $ten million A round of financing

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Another is the main competitive technology. It is reported that crebe from last December began the development of matching engine infinite expansion technology, can achieve unlimited trading volume. According to reports, the current crebe through the whole memory matching system, the implementation of concurrent TPS (exceeded 500 thousand per second the number of things above).

Alex believes that the exchange is the most important security issues. The crebe team is the chief security officer of the Red Alliance founder, who participated in the 2001 Sino US hacker wars. Wallet safety is the priority among priorities of the exchange, crebe wallet adopts multi signature security authentication and authorization, the use of Cold Storage Wallet user assets, protect user security of assets.

In addition, according to reports, at present, the dynamic password authentication is widely used on the market Google Authenticator to realize the security of user account. When the user is in the key operation, need to input the dynamic password to complete. When trading higher requirements to the timeliness of operation, dynamic password input way is easy to miss the best timing of trades. Crebe digital asset trading platform technology team AI model established by the user behavior, and all kinds of information to users (such as location, IP, computer software and hardware, operating habits etc.) calculated in real time, intelligent judgment of user operation is legitimate, in order to protect the security of user accounts and does not affect the user experience goals, to achieve double protection.

It is understood that crebe is expected in March next year for the next round of financing, the amount of about $1-2.

The crebe team, in the year 3 month was formally established, the company team less than 120 people, R & D team of 76 people, the team gathered coins coins, security, fire, the Chicago Board Options Exchange Yingtou securities Alipay, Tencent and other high-end technical talent platform. The founder of Alex was involved in the Cong bitcoin client Satoshi Bitcoin Client (now Bitcoin Core) optimization of the core module, at the same time led and participated in several public chain open source project.

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