The first U.S. futures trading company at the Swiss financial group to accept bitcoin payments

The first U.S. futures trading company at the Swiss financial group to accept bitcoin payments

Swiss financial group StraitsFinancialLLC will be the first through the BitPay futures trading company to accept bitcoin payments. The company has announced that it will include accepting bitcoin recharge stocks and precious metals in the commodity futures market.

Swiss financial group StraitsFinancialLLC customers can use bitcoin

Singapore at the Swiss financial group StraitsFinancial provides a variety of trading tools, such as commodity futures, OTC market and its derivatives.

StraitsFinancial said Singapore has undoubtedly become Asia’s international financial center, they also hope to be able to keep up with the national play in the role of financial prosperity. By working with BitPay, the brokerage will allow customers to use bitcoin in specific markets.

The company is to continue to expand its trading business through strategic move, but also recently issued by the monetary authority of Singapore capital market services license. Straits said the cooperation with BitPay will help expand its business.

The company explained to accept bitcoin so that more customers to trade stocks, futures, foreign exchange, energy metal and agricultural investment through. JosephMazurek President StraitsFinancialLLC said in the announcement:

“This is a great progress for Straits and industry. BitPay will help customers will be more easily converted to bitcoin currency, for futures trading, but also for the bitcoin community provides an easier option.”

WB21 also joined the cross-border transfer of enterprise cooperation

The chief commercial officer BitPay SonnySingh said bitcoin is the rapid and safe trading account recharge. BitPay is also very pleased to cooperate with StraitsFinancial, hope bitcoin can become the futures market standard.

In addition, WB21 will also help to provide cross-border transfer service, is for the purpose of financial services than the traditional fast. Singh explained, “real-time cross-border currency conversion service will make WB21 a better choice of international transactions.”

WB21 also said CEOMichaelGastauer will be real-time bitcoin recharge and a variety of monetary and banking system of the company to provide fast and convenient solution to recharge their trading accounts for customers.

With the StraitsFinancial bit accept ratio, investors will have more opportunities to diversify their portfolios. Straits said to accept bitcoins will bring a broader customer base, can also provide services for investors who use cryptography currency paid love.

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