The five largest economy in the bitcoin ecosystem

The five largest economy in the bitcoin ecosystem

Most of the people in the description of bitcoin, they will pay attention to the price and the market value of billions of dollars. However, if bitcoin ecosystem is far beyond most people’s imagination.

Since bitcoin was established, it has attracted a lot of people for their agreement and work. Including the miners, software developers, startups, artists and writers, and more every day in groups make contributions to this infrastructure.

The five pillars of the bitcoin ecosystem

1. miners

Bitcoin has created a growing industry — digging mining. Individuals and organizations including the miners, do every day to dig coins, they also shoulder the responsibilities of protecting the bitcoin network. In addition, there are companies responsible for the production of mining equipment and ASIC chip, with a large number of companies involved in this field, the industry is also increasingly fierce competition. With the development of technology, many years of mining has finally growing exponentially. Due to its technical factors, mining industry is still a niche market, but it is expected that it will still be significant growth in the future.

2. software developers

Even in the bitcoin software developers outside the industry, is also very popular. With the growing popularity of encryption currency, is committed to the block chain and digital currency technology programmers become more popular. Many financial companies and promising startups are looking for software developers to help build the blockchain agreement. If you search for the industry in this kind of job Monster online, you will find that the most prominent position is to understand bitcoin blockchain programmer. Bitcoin developers of the economy, with the passage of time may increase substantially, because this type of work will be more and more demand.

3. digital currency and block chain company

With bitcoin’s growth, the emergence of new company aims to use this technology. In the past few years, there have been many start-up companies to establish their own unique ideas. Some companies focus on bitcoin remittance, some select payment processor direction, others choose bill payment solutions, and ATM manufacturers, hardware production and more types of enterprises. The business model of many start-up companies created, in bitcoin does not appear before there is No. Exchange, trading market, distributed autonomous organizations, market forecast and so on, these are real and point to point to the center. Focus on encryption currency and block chain startups will be more and more, which will fail, but some will be very successful.

4., network marketing and writing art

The bitcoin economy also brought to market, marketing staff writer and graphic artist. Bitcoin industry need someone to create text, advertisements and images to help spread and use. Since bitcoin founded, many authors, graphic artists in different ways, in the news media or blogs on the spread of digital currency and block chain.

5. more occupation, and pay attention to safety

To fill the other occupation bitcoin economy, including consultants, accountants, human resources, risk management and so on. For example, people often turn to consultants to help them master these emerging technologies.

Bitcoin ecological environment is another important growth market security. Network security and innovation method to protect digital assets will always be necessary. Events like hackers and extortion, will continue to threaten the security of online. This encourages individuals and organizations more committed to improving multiple authentication techniques, such as biometrics, threshold signature high security concept. The bitcoin protocol created a powerful wealth transfer system, without the participation of the third party, but the improved security solutions will continue to be needed.

Bitcoin evolution is much faster than we thought

These important microeconomic system tied to a bitcoin environment. With bitcoin continues to use the mainstream, and reached a critical point, these smaller economies will expand indefinitely. In addition, the bitcoin economy should give more opportunities to participate in individual and group.

Bitcoin in the early growth stage, it is reminiscent of the birth of the Internet era. As time wore on, bitcoin of social change may become more subtle, but look at the micro economy development, has shown that things are changing fast.

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