The founder of Ethcore, called for a fast hard bifurcation, solve the etheric Fang (bifurcation) Dos attack

The founder of Ethcore, called for a fast hard bifurcation, solve the etheric Fang (bifurcation) Dos attack

Gavin? Wood (GavinWood) is the founder of Ethcore, and also the etheric Fang (bifurcation) second common client Parity maintenance personnel, he has called for repair “the attacker is using the underlying protocol defects immediately through hard bifurcation.”.

Nearly two weeks since the etheric Fang (bifurcation) has been subjected to a large number of Dos attacks, these attacks are made use of an underlying defect. Wood said: “compared to other Ethernet, Fang virtual machine (EVM) has been seriously underestimated.”. According to the etheric Fang Go developer Nick Johnson (NickJohnson) said,

“The attacker has been through a series of contracts to create new styles of Dos use of this point, the client workload or consume memory than transactions paid gas.”

In order to solve this problem has released a number of updates, today also released the latest version. Johnson said:

“We fix this problem is to reduce our workload until gas payment is returned to normal, effectively optimize the client. The upcoming version of this series of optimization is almost the last time, is actually the all state changes into the log, so if we need to recover, we can turn back to log on the line, and not have to copy all.”

However, Wood said, “most of these Dos attacks may last for a few months” until the advent of Metropolis version, then the network will be upgraded. Wood said:

“The attackers seem happy testing protocol thoroughly, so they may continue to attack. Hard fork can solve many of the most serious problems we know, and some other problems may still be lurking in.

The first day I emerged from these attacks have been called for a quick hard branch. This hard bifurcation only need 4 small changes, however, the progress is very small. I just hope the etheric Fang fund will not expected these patches with all of the most important metropolis version features added to release bundled together. If they do, then these attacks will likely continue for several months.”

Some people in the field of public blockchain against hard bifurcation, but in view of the hard bifurcation is to fix the agreement, so if you can let the general public to fully understand the rapid hard bifurcation is the best solution, then it is unlikely to be controversial. However, it is not clear whether the public to fully understand the hard branch. The etheric Fang (bifurcation) developer Jeffrey Vick? (JeffreyWickle) quickly responded to this, he said there are no plans for hard branch:

“We need to modify our gas cost. But the method is not optional quickly.”

According to Johnson, although it is not clear who launched Dos attacks, but these attacks have spent $10000 to 5000 attackers. When the first attack occurred only from the opening of Devcon2 only a few hours, which indicates that the attack is malicious, but after the continuation of the attack on the market is almost no effect, in addition to take time and consolidate the network. EminG nSirer has recently been a professor at the Cornell University to travel to these DoS attack did not see what solutions, he said:

“I guess these attacks were instigated by others. The attacker initiated these attacks and will not get from what, but these people still spend a lot of time on it.”

The BitcoinCore developer has said before, the bitcoin network is very vulnerable to DDos attacks, and has few means of defense, but for the etheric Fang (bifurcation) Dos cases, Wood said that if the rapid hard bifurcation, then the defect was exploited by attackers will “disappear immediately”, and it can:

“Boost some EVM operations EXTCODESIZE, EXTCODECOPY, gas; BALANCE and *CALL* according to the workload of these things can happen, especially in i/o database.”

If a comprehensive agreement, then the dispute does not exist, the bifurcation is not a thing, like the case in March this year, but with a lot of people turn to Parity, while Parity has a minimal impact on the implementation for DOS node operation. Therefore, developers may use square Go Ethernet implementation method of the same, until the arrival of version Metropolis.

However, Parity also affected the Dos attack, and has released a lot of client updates to solve these dos. So I don’t know what is waiting, or rapid upgrade of the network is the best choice.

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