The future of bitcoin has come, the central bank will face elimination system

The future of bitcoin has come, the central bank will face elimination system

2016 is to some forward-looking views. These views are a blessing or a curse is still unknown for the future development of encryption currency in the world. One point of view from the science and technology pioneer John McAfee? (JohnMcAfee), he published in the interview views still can cause a lot of resonance.

McAfee that can overturn the encryption currency fed this American central bank system operation mode. The influence range of encryption currency is very wide, even to change the income tax levied on the way.

Pandora’s box has been opened

McAfee’s view seems reasonable. Because the current governments around the world are interested in a cash war, the first step is to restrict the outflow of funds.

He said in an interview:

Market economy can adjust themselves. This function has existed before the Fed, even if the Fed eventually disappeared and it will continue to exist. Whether liberal or other people can finally abolish the Federal Reserve System is meaningless, because the encryption currency appeared. By my troth。 Just like Pandora’s box, once opened, it is impossible to recover, the Fed will eventually disappear. The real money will disappear, the world may be in crisis. This is a fact.

But the question is whether McAfee’s idea may come true? This prophecy is followed by a disruptive change, is the premise of this reform can really achieve.

In other words, if McAfee is possible, so long to come true? State whether the system password students have the ability to deal with large transactions? The answer to these questions is still unknown.

The desire to change

However, the recent news that Nintaus is facing government sanctions. The government hopes to strengthen the control of the transaction, creating a global change.

A fanatical supporter of McAfee etc. bitcoin has identified the top prospect of encryption currency positive. With the passage of time, their own choice of more firmly, this view can not be ignored.

It is impossible for the government (the encryption currency) income tax levy, because they can not find any record of anyone’s income. This may sound strange, but it has appeared, the Fed is destined to be eliminated. They do not exist in the world of electronic money. Our world is full of digital transactions, digital “glue” will be all things together. Do you think the money or gold in this world and meaning? No.

Bitcoin mining enterprise MGT McAfee is largely about his position, but he is not the only one that bitcoin encryption currency can change the status quo, the end of the non voluntary tax people.

Bitnation CEO Susanna tower Rosicky?? Teng Burl Hof (SusanneTarkowskiTempelhof) believes that bitcoin can end the nation, under the jurisdiction of the etheric Fang and RootStock intelligent technology contract helps to establish a center post nation state system.

In all the above ideas come true before, still can only stay in the stage of speculation.

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