The government give cash four reasons for choosing digital currency

The government give cash four reasons for choosing digital currency


Whether you’re in Russia or the United States, Chinese, more modern, more advanced economy more vulnerable to the impact of digital currency. How should the government deal with the digital currency, the discussion has lasted for many years. The only problem is to choose the right time to launch a digital currency. If your country’s economy is not so advanced, such as Pakistan or Guam, then you may have quite a long period of time will stay in the age of paper. But most people are not so lucky”.

Over the years, has been the focus of attention of each country in cash, the central bank will limit your money holdings, can even control your bank account. In some countries, a single transaction amount more than $5000, you will be the identity information regulators retrieved, may even suffer from trial. The currency of the future will no longer be a paper form, listed below four points, detailing why digital currency will eventually become the official currency of your country.

One reason: to manage a country, the first to control the money supply

In the eyes of the government, only two control words. The government created welfare allowances, tax system, and give you the freedom of life or trading power is out of control to the public. The modern banking system, usually to control monetary policy and government cooperation between the two, as long as one party cannot guarantee to control you, the other party will substitute the top.

Perhaps your transaction amount or transaction location is not real-time monitoring, but the bank can use a simple telephone, mail or suspicious activity report (SAR) easy to obtain information. Everything about you online, ATM, debit card and credit card transactions are stored on a server, the bank has been living in the abuse of these information to invade your economy. This is just a small part of what we know and what we don’t know more.

Let us look back, imagine a digital economy is how far away. Let’s go back to the time before World War II, when the computer and a plastic card (bank card) the transaction has not ruled the world. At that time, your country not only cash, debit card, no check, may not have a digital currency. This will bring a lot of problems for the government.

The government should know how the domestic total or $$? The manufacturing of counterfeit money will become a huge underground industry, even worse than it is now. How to determine the amount of currency trading? Is more or less? I want it now? Even a large number of enterprises make false tax evasion or evade legal responsibility.

However, for the people, this is definitely a good thing. Because they can spend money, but also to ensure their privacy. This direct transfer mode with the absolute value of privacy. No matter now or in the future, if you use a debit card, bitcoin or transfer by telegraphic transfer, will produce a large number of transactions, may ultimately jeopardize your identity or personal safety.

If you are the government, the establishment of cooperation with banks, cash is the best scheme out of control. Today, mobile phone intelligent people have more than a toothbrush. We are spoiled, love bring digital simple and convenient. So the government should take advantage of this point.

Domestic digital currency is not used in foreign countries. For example, China currently on treatment of capital outflows, this problem is enough to threaten the national economy. In the digital currency system, deposit and balance of each transaction, the government and the bank under the leadership of both produced in the center of your computer, and can be tracking, acquisition, or termination of tax. The more “beautiful”? This is one reason why the local digital money coming, because of the government, this is a better use of the “mousetrap”, guess who is the “mouse”?

Reason two: before bitcoin technology to obtain enough benefits to spread from

If the center of the world to you in the digital currency bitcoin long enough, you will be fully aware that digital currency system than the central bank’s inflation to be much better. Bitcoin is not intended to be a national currency, more than the global reserve currency, on the contrary, it exists only in order to provide a better investment options.

The problem is that bitcoin needs some time to go mainstream. The mainstream media, cheats and attacks the bitcoin account and exchange bitcoin hackers are going mainstream obstacles. As long as bitcoin and crime together, and ordinary people do not understand the technology, its popularity will never achieve.

This gave the government can take advantage of the machine. They are using their vast resources to learn bitcoin technology, trying to destroy the system step by step, put it back into his own business model. The block chain technology is still in the gray area between the early development and popularization of the mainstream, the government can use this point to create their own future monetary system, guide them first to use their own system before people realized the advantages of bitcoin.

This is why the banks and the government of the blockchain accept such a high degree, and change in the short term can. They know that this is a race against time. Because they have realized that people will sooner or later found the bank’s “great economic system” is just a kind of exploitation center tools; people will start to use digital currency in the intelligent mobile phone sooner or later; and bitcoin will sooner or later become the Internet 2.

Therefore, banks and governments use the open source technology, to create a private network center. As long as the desalination bitcoin impact, plus more transaction monitoring and strong economic strength, bitcoin will gradually fade out of sight.

The Internet is “viral” after the birth of the expansion in 10 to 15 years, and ninth years bitcoin will soon enter the development, if you want to stop the momentum of development, now is the right time, the government is also doing. From the above reasons, the national digital currency system will appear soon completely changed.

Three reasons: the more realistic reason

If you live in a western country with high GDP, such as the United States, you 95% are in the form of digital currency transactions. For the digital currency, people have become accustomed to, few people use cash. From the economic powerhouse of the people, 80% are using the bank card or a computer for currency trading. Which is more notable in Sweden, Sweden announced this year will completely remove cash from your system. The more Congress continue to participate in this beta test”.

The government do not have to spend billions of dollars, pounds or RMB to protect a large number of bank paper assets, no longer issued notes, also no longer every few years to re design notes to prevent fraud. The entire economic system will become more and more centralized, the ultimate control of an entity in the hands of. The tax will be endless. Once your benefits are cut, they can arbitrarily reason to deceive the past. You can only fight.

Then there is no competition, banks can charge you with any name. You can’t take money from the bank, because all of the money is in the form of digital code. Even if they want to give you the money, also can not give you what. Their money is their money, your money is their money. This trend is more and more obvious, so is the end of the game.

Four reasons: the government’s economic model failed.

I don’t need to tell you that your country’s economy is in trouble. You should also understand the specific situation than I. No matter which country you come from, you are a part of this global recession in the process. You must have heard of the negative interest rate is sweeping the global central bank, confirmed from the side of the Keynes economics is a complete failure.

Your country’s economy is in trouble, because Keynes economics argues that central bank planning and control of the economy, it is a complete failure, at least for those countries not at the top of the Pyramid. Austria’s free market economic model is the greatest invention in human history. It is this economic model prompted the United States to become twentieth Century take charge as chief of superpower, brings technology, commercial and military power for the most sophisticated. But the problem is that the free market model with the corruption and change, by banks, regulators and government decision at the mercy, they control the whole market, the market itself is firmly opposed to the callback.

Therefore, once the banks and enterprises messed up the reserve currency, from the system of their own “dying” in the final absorb economic value, and then according to their own interests to rewrite all laws, they will switch board:

This is our new system. To get started as soon as possible, after all, this is your only choice!

You may feel indifferent, bitcoin is not on the line. Bitcoin is a choice, but if the state system is no longer accepting bitcoin? When the supplier can not use your precious coins for sale of goods, why they continue to use bitcoin? When using bitcoin has become a part of the black market, why people choose bitcoin? Your hands bitcoin may be “digital gold”, but the same as gold, only to be the real world to accept to come in handy. Gold and bitcoin will not and you imagine as rapid development, at least 10 years will not.

Who knows? This is a prediction of the future. Perhaps in the future bitcoin development rapidly, creating its own global economic goods and services! Maybe bitcoin will be everywhere. Or the national digital currency bitcoin will eventually be deported”. Let’s wait and see.

In the past, when you go shopping, usually can choose the mode of payment, cash or credit card? The future, all payments will be completed in digital form, you don’t have to enter any shop. Your order can be repeated or modified directly in the store’s website; your food will be sent directly to the front of you……

Or that is not the case. It depends on whether you are most willing to control this new system. You knew that this system does not accept cash, so you want to join?

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