The government issued a “World Summit to build super Internet file in the future” block chain

The government issued a “World Summit to build super Internet file in the future” block chain

In the recent world government summit (WorldGovernmentSummit), HexayurtCapital and ConsenSys released a report entitled “building the future” link files in the block chain. This file is intended for Internet Protocol (IoA, InternetofAgreements) strategy, providing a roadmap for the next wave of innovation, driven by globalization 2.

The government of the world summit, leaders from more than 3000 countries, 130 policy makers and experts Qi Juyi hall. The summit of the speakers include ElonMusk (Telsa and SpaceX), TravisKalanick (Uber), ReidHoffman (LinkedIn) and SheikhMohammedbinRashidAlMaktoum (crown prince of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as Prime Minister of Arabia).

Block chain is a new technology of recording transactions share ledger. Ethernet square is one of the most widely used block chain, it supports the intelligent contract agreement can be expressed in code and with the block chain together to perform. In some large enterprise support, has set up a new enterprise Ethernet (EnterpriseEthereumAlliance), Fang alliance members include Accenture, BancoSantander, JPMorganChase, Microsoft and Intel etc..

InfoQ are one of the key elements in the file read. The first part of the document is written by HexayurtCapital, including the following topics:

Go to the center of the fair competition in the world

Block chain is regarded as a kind of method can reduce or even eliminate intermediaries. HexayurtCapital will block chain description “for a fair competition in the globalization of technology”. It gives the block chain in the realization of the three advantages of equity, listed as follows:

The same everywhere

There is no place computer central clearing. No matter which corner of the world in trade settlement with all the same. This means that wherever you are, everyone is fair competition. This is the operation called “small batch trade blocks” implementation.

Permanent record

One of the advantages to the center of the network security is strong. Let a lot of globally distributed computer processing transactions, this process also means that problems in a computer, and will not affect the other holding block of computer. Block chain is a safe sequence block (or “chain”).

No global control block chain

Block chain adopts a fair consensus (algorithm), so that all participants equal responsibility, ability of the same. The local block chain can be a sovereign entity or a business operation, operation can choose the participants, this is similar to the existing enterprise network, but more secure. The working mechanism of the global block chain is more like the Internet, anyone can participate, without compromise of intrinsic safety block chain.

The register

Block chain provides the ability to the center of the ledger, which can serve as the value chain block register. For example, block chain allows people to check whether an item can prove the uniqueness, for example, a person is indeed a car, a building or the owner of the domain name.” The government is likely to benefit from this a chain block registration in the field. The explanation is given by HexayurtCapital:

In the creation of the initial idea, we assume that the previous government advantage foundation construction based on this concept, has now evolved into the Dubai block chain strategy. Keep the safety record is the core competence of a country. The new technology enables the government can use new ways to extend it. The original idea of bitcoin and Ethernet is to provide some workshop without depends strongly on the state backed government service.

Sharing economy

The sharing economy is another field goal block chain project. When talking about the sharing economy, often referred to Uber and Airbnb such enterprises. “Block chain revolution” the author of the book AlexTapscott that this enterprise is a kind of polymer. Taking Uber and Airbnb as an example, they perform a function similar to the central clearing house, consumers and service providers together, from pumping into two sides of the transaction. The founder of RobinChase ZipCar in a shared economy in her “new model” put forward the reconstruction: the future of business in the book, this model is challenging for service providers. Robin describes one of the difficulties:

Sharing (service provider) to obtain even bargain in the center business there. This company has thousands of employees, and share the general can only share a small individual resource. There is a controversy, the position of complete inequality.

HexayurtCapital compared the similarity network about cars mainly economic and financial and credit among enterprises:

This model can be created at all levels of market and among retailers to copy. For example, SWIFT and VISA and its member banks compared to very strong. For many financial organizations, banning any network will be a disaster. The founder of DeeHock VISA in creating VISA before they tried to construct a network between banks, but it is precisely because of these reasons did not succeed on the business dynamics.

To create a fair competitive environment, HexayurtCapital believes that the need for reform. For example:

With the help of collective ownership, on behalf of the mode change or the government issued regulations. We envision a shared economic future lies in sharing the organization similar to the union bargaining group, or corporate structure that has a representative of their shared interests, or that the government strictly regulated slightly shared economic enterprises, to ensure that all people can even bargain.

Thus, HexayurtCapital put forward between the two sides of the transaction peer many costs can be eliminated:

The automatic contracting architecture using the blockchain, can make the network about cars, shared accommodation or other resources sharing operation cost and complexity of the economic market declined 90% or 95%. Economy has natural balance, will tend to work together in a large number of small players in the network mode, rather than a single enterprise of large body.

The government adopted on the blockchain

ConsenSys on the contents of the file also contributed. It is an entrepreneurial business incubator studio, building block chain in the ecosystem to the center of the applications and tools. In the ConsenSys file to give the government has adopted the following recommendations of the demand chain block:

As with all other potential users to block chain, the government should also examine their pain points in the business process, try to process these pain points for the use of smart contracts and restructuring the blockchain.

On the administrative layer and the IT layer of the staff education, there are gaps in this emerging technology. The business process is suitable for the blockchain is in need of some experiments to determine the. This suggested that ConsenSys:

Should provide experimental technology for the IT professional place, “try”, speed up the learning process. Microsoft has achieved such a sandbox environment in the MicrosoftAzure cloud, developers can build a square block chain Ethernet sandbox in 10 minutes and began to work. The ecological system provides the development of tools, platforms and many modules, for block chain and intelligent contract entry.

In the proposal, ConsenSys also provides the strategy as shown below:

Study on the development and economic challenges effectively

In addition to providing developers can experiment sandbox environment, ConsenSys also proposed the following method to drive the adoption of the blockchain:

In addition to request more information, good method of block chain technology include hackathons, challenges and research laboratory.

For example, the U.S. Department of health and human services in August 2016 proposed a “block chain for health IT and health related research challenges in the project, the project has received more than 70 copies submitted.

Privacy, performance and user customization

Block chain has a variety of forms, such as the typical example of bitcoin blockchain is public. Block chain can also be private, and members of the Alliance for the shared architecture. Block chain for private enterprises to seek highly customized, they have some risk of future problems. ConsenSys recommends that companies should be cautious:

The chain block is filled with a variety of innovation ecosystem. From the financial sector to track assets, some enterprises are based on enterprises to build customized block chain case. Custom private implementation may hinder interoperability in the future, this problem is to explore some are building alliances, such as enterprise workshop Ethernet alliance.

Identity verification

Identity management is a recognized the advantages of the blockchain. The bank field exists the problem of inefficient, slow down the process of customer service, increase the cost of. ConsenSys think:

In how to identify customer information must be submitted to the financial institutions on the issue, there is no standard, these institutions often in order to “know your customer” (KYC, KnowYourCustomer) and redouble their efforts. The bank and the customer, all impose high transaction costs, but also did not strengthen the global financial system security.

The solution of these problems can be found from the block chain. ConsenSys explained:

Do the digital signature to others (i.e. joint statement proof) can make the identity or other agencies do verify the correctness of the data and confirmed the identity information. This is very useful for “know your customer”, the bank can confirm the customer data has been verified, such as age, address and other attributes.

ConsenSys gives some block chain recognition system will provide good case for end users:

Have a personal identity, reputation, and control data and digital assets.

Safety and selectively to each other to provide their own data.

No password and access to digital services.

Digital signature on the declaration, and transaction documents.

In the control block and send the value chain.

And to the center of the intelligent interactive applications and contracts.

Message and data encryption.

Block chain recognition system can provide benefits for the enterprise in the following areas:

The establishment of corporate identity.

Simplified new customers to join and new employee orientation.

The transition process of establishing an improved “know your customer”.

Construction and staff security access control with minimal friction environment.

To reduce the responsibility of the enterprise by customers with sensitive information.

Increased compliance.

Maintenance of network retailers.

Use specific permission to set up independent position and role specific identity (CEO).

Smart city

For some city commercial block chain and create smart city investment opportunities. For example:

China auto giant Wanxiang Group recently on a new smart city start-up companies invested $30 billion, including the implementation of electric vehicle battery fundamentally use using block chain technology bonds.

In the above scenario, Wanxiang Group will provide rental car owners to battery service, rather than to the customer to advance to buy batteries. This will reduce the use of electric vehicles cost, but require the use of battery monitoring, in order to understand the battery performance and maintenance. The telemetry data also allows the battery “as can be sold to investors to financial problems, straighten out the customer and manufacturer in the new technology.”

Similar to the business model of Wanxiang Group, the use of traditional business practice deployment is not realistic, because of the complexity of implementation involves the legal tender and the existing credit facilities. Use block chain makes “straighten out the equipment, personnel and business payment flow. In one transaction, for example, when every time I go to the electric car battery charging station, intelligent contract allows you to specify the parties to the transaction payment business logic process.”

With the advance of the blockchain, there are a lot of opportunities in the smart city. Another example is given by the ConsenSys motor vehicle with block chain function:

If a car or taxi to catch the time, it can be obtained through a fast path to pay some fees, this is by means of automatic and vehicles around economic negotiation to achieve. For the government, to provide flexibility in the use of road function in a certain period of time or in a particular place, can reduce congestion or pollution, encourage optimal road use of available.


In the field of energy is the emergence of a number of block chain case. Block chain development opportunities is the energy credit management and reducing the double counting problem: “facilities for regional electricity from renewable REC (regional electricity company) verification, and then sell these REC to other facilities. Renewable power generation facilities in the sale of electricity were sold and the current credit.” In the public ledger record transactions through the use of block chain, can be in a more transparent way to show the power of credit.

Provides the opportunity for the micro grid block chain emerging. For consumers, increase solar power generation and smart meter is a large centralized power plant to reduce reliance on the opportunity. Consumers can use block chain to generate excess power, and their interaction with the neighbors of green energy. ConsenSys is involved in such a block chain micro grid project, namely Broolyn micro grid.

medical care

The healthcare industry is also available from a wider range of the benefit chain block. Although many jurisdictions have adopted electronic medical records (EMR, ElectronicMedicalRecords) or electronic health records (EHR, ElectronicHealthRecords), but many of them did not succeed, but increase the risk of patient and hospital. Part of the problem is due to provide medical health service is still in a decentralized state. For example:

Every American patients with an average of nearly 19 kinds of medical records, according to a 2010 survey, the average patient to see 18.7 different doctors in life.

Block chain technology is ready to solve the possible risks of information diffusion current in EMR/RHR solutions:

The medical information of patients with patients with circulation, rather than scattered in various service providers and medical system. For the first time in contact with the authority of medical experts can get patients’ medical records, rather than relying on the telephone and paper documents. Records of patients improved enables the service providers can communicate better care, more accurately monitor treatment progress.

To realize the distributed ledger medical records, must consider security issues. In order to solve the demand, according to ConsenSys:

Block chain can be used as a controlled access information storage, information sharing in the enterprise security. As a new type of health information exchange prototype, all these data can be used for patients with encryption and security transfer.

Block chain can also help achieve the integrity in the supply chain of drugs, especially in medical treatment. ConsenSys gives an example of clinical trial:

In order to prevent tampering with the data in the post, the data can be released in a distributed ledger and time stamp. To other laboratories in sending samples and samples for analysis and experimental verification, fingerprint authentication can do to them, and set to be tracking state. Such a sample can be used for many experiments.

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