The hackers claim $150 thousand worth of bitcoin, apple responded that they did not leak

The hackers claim $150 thousand worth of bitcoin, apple responded that they did not leak


Turkey declared a hacker organization TurkishCrimeFamily, has received nearly 600 million iCloud account credentials, asked apple in April 7th with $150 thousand worth of bitcoin or Ethereum in exchange for, otherwise it will directly erase these accounts. Is this hacker extortion, apple spokesman for the official response: currently iCloud account system is found leaking, hackers may be through the relevant three party services (such as YAHOO) leak gets these accounts.

Previously, the hacker organization claimed by email gets a contains 519 million iCloud account information database, but there is no plan to sell the database. Due to the recent years Apple strengthened security measures, iCloud account information on the black market is not popular. The message says, since the announcement of the elimination of these iCloud account associated equipment data plans, other hackers share more information to the TurkishCrimeFamil iCloud account, which makes the master account information more than 627 million iCloud.

Before the Hollywood pornographic incident, the same message to target the iCloud vulnerability, but made the same response to apple, they called us after that theft was very angry, and immediately sent engineers to identify the cause, because the user privacy and security is vital to us. After more than 40 hours of investigation, we found that certain celebrity account was targeted attacks against the user name, password and security question, this attack on the Internet has become very common.”

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