The history of the largest bitcoin bubble dream shattered, Nakamoto bitcoin tycoon arrested

Today, two in the afternoon, Beijing time, when workers brave Chinese was still asleep, and on the other side of the ocean incident shocked the world.

Bitcoin bubble of the century officially declared collapse. In nine years of searching FBI team Trump finally caught New York bitcoin, nakamoto. After being arrested, the police Chinese agreed to hold at 6 in the morning Beijing time at a news conference in New York with a public apology, the people in the world, and formally closed bitcoin network in April 30th. The coin server through a network cable. Not all the time for the final.

Nakamoto really announced.

According to Zhong Bencong’s press conference, Nakamoto is his pseudonym. His real name is Kevin Hart. He is 38 years old this year, was born in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. UU. His occupation is host. In the 2008 years of the financial tsunami, when stocks lost all their savings, they succumbed to revenge of human evil thoughts.

Kevin Hart high school is outgoing and helpful, humorous and won the national honorary title of swimming athletes. In the eyes of his parents, he is a clam. In the eyes of the family, he is a good father, a good husband. After his arrest, his family had to accept the reality and cry.

The name Nakamoto was inspired by Kevin Hart’s wife, the Japanese lady. Japanese culture is deeply poisoned when Kevin Hart is young. He especially love video games in japan. He even married a Japanese wife and three kids. After marriage, raising three children is enormous pressure, and the owner is not a very stable job. Kevin Hart and Nakamoto have been overwhelmed with active in the bitcointalk video game community.

Although only the mathematical culture in high school, because of the financial tsunami, Kevin is evil thoughts to promote the learning of the password, and in a few months, this since a get out of hand published bitcoin white paper, open the greatest hoax in human history. However, the fate of love always make fun of people. 2010, the global economic recovery, consumer confidence, the entertainment industry has also ushered in the next spring. Kevin originally reported on the stage show, has made a lot of money, and win a lot of money, have faded from the social Bitcoin.

However, the development of bitcoin far more than Kevin expected. At first, he only wanted to get money to support his wife and children…. I really can not edit it, I wish you a happy April Fool’s day!

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