The Hungarian Ministry of Justice issued the new bill, the government as the ratio of bitcoin?

The Hungarian Ministry of Justice issued the new bill, the government as the ratio of bitcoin?


The criminal procedure law of Hungary’s new government, has the right to confiscate any suspects bitcoin and other virtual currencies, even in the early process of torture. Experts said that the new bill officially entered the review stage in February this year, the international anti money laundering law based on (AML), is also applicable even in the field of encryption currency.

Wide range monitor

According to expert analysis, the bill if passed, will completely change the whole process of criminal procedure, monitoring activities on a large scale in Hungary will also be legitimate.

Based on this bill, once have “reasonable suspicion” of the suspects, government agencies have the right to conduct secret surveillance, monitoring of a large amount of data, and even have the right to black into someone else’s mobile phone and computer equipment.

The bill proposed by the Hungarian Ministry of justice has been submitted to Parliament in February. The bill passed, the government will confiscate the electronic data, electronic equipment and the bitcoin virtual currency such as Ethernet and fang.

It is reported that the parliament will be the new criminal procedure law passed in June of this year.

The new regulations clearly stipulates that in the premise of reasonable doubt, government authorities have the right to confiscate or forfeit the suspect’s virtual currency and digital keys, wallet address and digital wallet seeds and other electronic data.

Applicable objects

From the present situation, the specific implementation of the bill is still unknown. The bill also mentioned the rights of suspects, but the possibility compared with the government’s Secret collection of electronic evidence seems to be higher. However, according to legal experts said, compared with the British survey “bill of rights”, the new law provides a higher degree of freedom, the law also more detailed details.

The Hungarian intelligence agencies and legal institutions will have the right to collect electronic evidence in the early process of torture, and collecting objects is the network, hackers and other criminals, money laundering. This bill is based on an important premise of reasonable doubt. That is to say, once a suspect to submit evidence of electronic crime, the relevant departments will be investigated.

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