The Iran government plans to provide new infrastructure for bitcoin users

The Iran government plans to provide new infrastructure for bitcoin users


For bitcoin users, the good news is that the Iran government plans to implement a new infrastructure for bitcoin users in Iran.

Tensions between Iran and the United States

As everyone knows, bitcoin is started in western countries, with the escalation of tensions between Iran and the United States, the former is to develop strategies into bitcoin system. Iran and the United States are currently in their relationship problems, Donald? Trump (DonaldTrump) said the agreement with Iran is “the worst ever transaction”.

The influence of Islamic Republic is still subject to international sanctions, the sanctions affect several economic sectors of the country, including finance, energy and shipping industry. International sanctions have also hindered the Iran citizens use PayPal, Venmo and Braintree etc. the ability of online payment platform.

In the sanctions, the government of Iran has come up with a solution, the main form of implementation of bitcoin as online payment. One of the advantages of bitcoin is that it is a decentralized currency, not as a company or government that through a central identity to control, so countries can not be bound to pay.

Through bitcoin, Iran citizens can easily bypass the economic sanctions, and to carry out international trade.

Iran bitcoin infrastructure

The encrypted currency is that Iran economy bitcoin is a great milepost. This means that the government can now open their doors in payment and money.

According to reports, the Iran government has studied bitcoin and its economic potential benefits.

Vice Minister of the Ministry of information and communication technology in Iran AmirHosseinDavaee:

“The Ministry of communications and information technology has conducted a number of studies, as part of the infrastructure is ready for use in the domestic bitcoin.”

In addition, Davaee added, bitcoin activities including money creation, so the Central Bank of Iran need to formulate the basic rules and supervise related activities, otherwise, it will disrupt the economic cycle. Iran is now in the creation of a suitable infrastructure for bitcoin and other encryption currency edge.

Once the project is completed, they will be integrated and managed appropriately. Experts say Iran economic sanctions, and other digital currency, bitcoin will greatly help Iran’s economy back on track.

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