The Israeli Prime Minister: bitcoin may replace the bank

The Israeli Prime Minister: bitcoin may replace the bank


In a video released Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu said, the traditional banking operations will eventually become obsolete, and may be replaced by bitcoin. His claim block chain technology unreliability and bitcoin this year continued, significant growth based on.

In the video, Netanyahu is confident that the bank will eventually become obsolete and replaced, despite what time and what remains to be seen to be replaced:

The bank is the ultimate fate will disappear? Is. The answer is yes. Does it need to happen tomorrow? Do we need to do this by bitcoin? This is a question mark.”

The head of state of Israel also talked about the role of banks, and explained that these banks are established and continue to exist, to ensure that the transaction between two parties is safe and effective.

The bank, not to mention the government, continue to use the control of funds, and the parties to the transaction cost, continue to benefit from control.

Block chain based encryption currency, make it possible to deal directly. The decentralized technology itself, rather than a centralized mechanism, to ensure that the business between person and person is safe and effective.

Netanyahu acknowledges the importance of bitcoin

“I just said the truth is driven up bitcoin.”

However, the Prime Minister of bitcoin can continue to grow at such an alarming rate skeptical:

“There is no such thing, will continue to rise at this rate, it is not possible.”

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