The Japanese economy vigorously, bitcoin prices are expected to

The Japanese economy vigorously, bitcoin prices are expected to


Japan plans to implement 28 trillion yen stimulus package to help the stagnant economy.

Prime Minister Abe Shinzo announced a $265 billion valuation plan on Wednesday.

This goal is to promote the economic development of Japan, whether local or national government will greatly increase the expenditure in the plan, the loan project also includes the plan at the same time. About the plan details will be announced sometime next week.

According to the three UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities senior economist Miyazaki Hiroshi (HiroshiMiyazaki) means that the total cost of the program is so large that it is difficult to implement, but also must take years to promote, the impact on the economy is enormous.

Miyazaki said:

“The Bank of Japan to relax the policy, including the increase in the purchase of government bonds, so you can say that the Bank of Japan can afford new debt. It is also easy to show that the Bank of Japan and the government is preparing for the plan together.”

The stimulus plan will lead to the devaluation of the yen, raise the price of bitcoin

Government spending and a large number of loan projects will lead to the effect of inflation, caused by the depreciation of the yen, bitcoin prices increased.

At present, the yen is showing a strong fluctuation in the economic policy changes will affect the peak value of the price. Combined with the near future bitcoin prices rose inevitably, this may further promote the encryption of monetary value rose.

Japan’s special bitcoin history

This year, Japan became the world’s second largest bitcoin market, it surpassed the United States in the China trading behind kern. Earlier this year the Japanese government admitted that bitcoin is a currency. Nakamoto So, the mysterious founder of bitcoin, his / her real name so far nobody knows, but Nakamoto is the name he / she used a Japanese kana.

In bitcoin dark history, Japan is Mt.Gox (also known as the notorious repute “Mentougou” after it lost the customer 85W bankruptcy bitcoin, the chief executive of MarkKarpeles, was also arrested.) The birthplace of exchange.

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