The Japanese electronics giant Bic Camera to accept bitcoin payments

The Japanese electronics giant Bic Camera to accept bitcoin payments

Bitcoin as a payment option for the unexpected popularity, prompted Japan’s leading electronics retail chain BicCamera in Japan all the shops will accept digital currency.

On Monday, the Nikkei reported that the Japanese electronics giant BicCamera across all locations in Japan will begin to accept bitcoin payments.

With the government’s recognition of the digital currency, BicCamera began to accept bitcoin in April, with Japan’s top bitcoin exchange Bitflyer, two BicCamera stores began allowing bitcoin payment.

The company’s executives said, these shops will be used as a test platform for bitcoin. If successful, may introduce bitcoin payment options to all stores in japan.

Last month, BicCamera opened the world’s leading technology is located in the District of Akihabara store. It became the third Bic camera shop to accept bitcoin payments. According to the Hokkaido News reported Monday, Bic camera believes there is a demand for bitcoin payment not only foreign tourists to Japan, Japanese customers demand.

Although there is no specified date for the newspaper, but local publications said the group will be launched at the beginning of bitcoin payment in July 14th.

The BicCamera group is made up of three brands; Bic camera, Sofmap and small. Which is a subsidiary of BicCamera. As of August 2016, the Group operates 39 Bic camera shop, 31 Sofmap stores and 139 small stores, Japan plans more stores.

Sofmap has focused on sales of new and second-hand electronic products, the company became a subsidiary of BicCamera in 2006. Electronic retailers focus on island suburban shops, acquired by BicCamera in 2012. At that time, BicCamera ranked fifth, ranked sixth in the acquisition of the island, created second Japanese retail electronics chain.

Although there is no mention of Sofmap in Monday’s announcement, but BicCamera made it clear that some small shops will accept bitcoin.

Not only because of foreign tourists, many Japanese consumers are paying with bitcoin, BicCamera from the Affiliated Companies island will begin a virtual currency.

BicCamera as the latest Japanese retail chain stores, will begin to integrate bitcoin payment. Last week, the exchange of cooperation with bitcoin RecruitLifestyleCoincheck launched a bitcoin payment option to use the point of sale application AirRegi 260 thousand stores.

At the same time, another Japanese Bitcoin exchange Bitpoint is independent, with PeachAviation and EvolableAsia and other large companies, to more than 100000 retailers introduce bitcoin payment.

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