The Japanese government said no regulatory bitcoin

The Japanese government said no regulatory bitcoin

Phoenix Technology News Beijing on June 19th news, according to Reuters, Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party said today, decided not to regulatory bitcoin. In the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox closed, the Japanese government has considered bitcoin more stringent regulation.

The Liberal Democratic Party is responsible for the Internet media sector legislator Hirai Takuya (Takuya Hirai) said: “we basically concluded that now should avoid making laws regulations of supervision.” He said that the final decision will be made in to listen to more opinions.

The use of bitcoin has attracted global attention to the government, but the government is still not sure whether bitcoin, supervision. The United States government departments from the New York banking supervision department to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, also on possible regulatory measures for research.

The special group national regulators in the formulation of the first bitcoin rulebook to avoid kill this emerging technology at the same time prevent bitcoin users by fraud. Mt. Gox said earlier 750 thousand coins belonging to the customer by hackers, and filed for bankruptcy in February this year.

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