The key to bitcoin miners voted to officially launch the isolation verification code

The key to bitcoin miners voted to officially launch the isolation verification code


By isolating the bitcoin community to verify the solution code, is expected to officially launch in November 15th.

It is reported that the new version of 0.13.1 core software, will contain more isolation verification (SegWit) code, allows the user (as well as the most important miners) start the upgrade process.

The news from the BitcoinCore developer PieterWuille, in his Core project mailing list, posted a new details about isolation verification this weekend launched.

Isolation verification code, such as testing, developers have been core months, the first version of the code in this summer was tested, and the new version of the core software, the code will be included in the verification of isolation.

However, the November code release, does not mean that the capacity of bitcoin immediately resolved.

For example, when the bitcoin network is 95% or more of the voting power in favor of the new changes, isolation verification to really landing. In addition, even if the isolation verification has been voted by the miners, also need to wait for the 2016 new blocks in order to truly implement.

In addition, the new version of isolation verification code release, may lead to the bitcoin community, further debate about the network expansion problem. Because of the recent tensions, leading to progress more slowly to verify the isolation.

The other version of the bitcoin software, including BitcoinUnlimited and BitcoinClassic have proposed alternative solutions and the version of the core is different, both advocate is the chain expansion, improve the bitcoin block size to expand the bitcoin network.

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