The lack of evidence, whether Craig Wright is still difficult to determine the Cong

The lack of evidence, whether Craig Wright is still difficult to determine the Cong

One of the greatest mysteries of bitcoin and encryption currency field have got the answer. Not others, Craig Wright (CraigWright) is the Cong. Or this is what everyone wants us to believe that, even if most of the information is hearsay verifiable proof and no actual.


The real Nakamoto will stand out?

Although this is not the first time Wright appeared in Nakamoto’s search results, the world’s major media claimed that there is a lot of evidence to prove this statement. Or more precisely, they claim that this statement is based on the verified information.

Over the years, people have been trying to discover the true identity of the Nakamoto bitcoin blockchain technology and creator of the notorious repute. Just a few months ago, the media pointed out that Wright is probably the real Nakamoto So, but there was no evidence to prove that.

But today, still have little evidence to support the Wright’s real nakamoto. Because the real Nakamoto will choose at this time public appearance itself is a very strange thing. This was greeted with a lot of people be startled at. No matter whether these claims are true no doubt bitcoin fields are full of speculation.

Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) in yesterday morning announced the news is Cong wright. Obviously, to Wright bitcoin famous developer Gavin Anderson (GavinAndresen) confirmed that he is in the Cong. The early development of Wright bitcoin created key sign of digital information to Gavin proved this point. Unfortunately there is not any details about this process, and everyone can not verify the authenticity of these statements.

The use of the private key that Cong were message signature and see the message that is different. Considering that only a small part of the “authentic” see the signature, so the statement’s credibility is not high. In view of the nature of bitcoin transparency and its underlying block chain technology, this is a very strange decision. Nakamoto So conceived of an open and transparent world of the future. These “Apocalypse” in a dark place with his original vision in stark contrast.

The bitcoin community of another famous member Jon? Matt (JonMatonis) that is nice Wright Nakamoto irrefutable evidence, he is the real nakamoto. Since everybody can open the message to verify — and see what it is, in fact, what is not so there is no reason to verify Wright is Nakamoto this statement.

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